Conquer Negative Thoughts : 7 Easy Tricks

negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are the worst outcome of these times. The corona era has pushed many of us in the sphere of loneliness. This lonely feeling has triggered negative thoughts in the minds of many of us. Many people all over the globe have committed suicides and many more are getting pushed in the death zone. This is an alarming situation.

In some recent incidents, Bollywood celebrities committed suicide. There was a huge debate on the young actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide. Death of any creature is a mourning situation. But these people let the situations push them in a corner. Are you trapped in the same kind of situation? Friends, don’t be afraid. Here are 7 easy tricks to conquer negative thoughts before they penetrate deep inside your mind.

Confuse your mind

We spend years convincing our minds. Because we believe that a convinced mind is the key to success in life. This is only half-truth. Have you ever confused your mind? Yes, you read it right. Confusing your mind is the first step you should take towards blocking negative thoughts. Start counting numbers randomly or talking something meaningless and the negative thoughts will get vanished in a few minutes.

Pause thinking

Can you control your thoughts? If you feel that it is impossible, then you are lying to yourself. There are many ways to control your thoughts. Whenever you come across any negative thoughts, sit in a quiet place, close your eyes, and be motionless and idle. If you know any method to meditate, then go for it. Or quickly put earplugs and start your favorite music. Lie down listening to music with eyes closed.


Read enthusiastic Book

If you are a booklover, and I recommend every one of you should be, a few pages from a book can work as a stress buster for you. Books are your best companions. They are friends in need. If you are not a book lover, my personal advice is to make them your love. Choose any genre, any subject, and any author, you will never be disappointed. Rather they will wipe out all the mess surrounding your brain and mind just in a few minutes.

Hug your loved one

This is a very immense reaction to humans. Whenever you are very happy or are very sad, you hug your loved one tightly. May it is your mother, father, spouse, friend, sister, brother, and so on… Whenever you find a bad emotion or thought approaching you, use this immense reaction. You can even have your loving pet, loving trees, or even loving pillow to hug. You can even imagine hugging your loved one if he/she is far away.

Look down the street

Whenever you feel low, look at the last person on the street and you will find your grief much dwarf. The great philosopher Mahatma Gandhi gave this thought to the world. Just imagine a situation where you are deeply immersed in negative thoughts. At such a time, look at some handicapped person walking on the streets to make his bread and butter. Look at the children begging on the streets. Many times streets have the power to show you the path of your life.

wait a moment

Wait a Moment

Most of the suicides are accidents. The person attempting suicide is willing to shut down all the mess surrounding him and not his life. In a complicated state of mind within a few moments, he/she attempts suicide. The brain is submerged in the flood of negative thoughts and emotions. Therefore one is unable to follow the instructions of the brain even though he receives them. If one waits for a few moments these negative thoughts get wiped out.

Take a pen or brush

Every person has two personalities, as per the psychologists. One is a person who wakes up in time, prepares himself, reaches office, and follows the boss. Then after office hours comes home and engage in homely stuff. Another person is one who is a bathroom singer or a hobby artist or something beyond the employee. To conquer the negative thoughts, take a pen or brush in your hands, and let the inner voice explode on paper.

Blaming Corona for the emergence of negative thoughts will be underestimating human brilliance. Though the reasons vary, people had suicides for many years. If one can get a clear idea of the relation between brain, thoughts, and emotions then it can be realized that suicide is not at all the way out, life is the path to keep walking in the middle of all the odds and evens.

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