7 Golden Tips for Mind Control

Mind Control

The mind is the most important and ultimate organ of our body. All the roads leading to success and failures pass through the tunnel of mind. Hence one must be very conscious about it. Here are 7 golden tips for mind control.

Tip One – No instant reaction

Imagine a sudden quarrel breaks down at your workplace or at your home. Someone started using the arrogant language for you. You react in the same manner with extra force. This is not a good situation for anybody present there. So avoid instant reactions. Simply start counting numbers and that’s all.

Tip Two – Take some lesson

You are humans, the most brilliant creatures on this planet. So you are not at all allowed to make the same mistake twice. You must take some lessons from every failure, every quarrel, and every unholy act of your mind. This will not only make you clever but will also get you to mind control.

cat quarrel mind control

Tip Three – Get into other shoes

When you start fighting with somebody, you both are in different situations of mind; rather both of you are inside your own cocoons. Both of you are unaware of each other. In this situation try to get into the shoes of the later one. Try to imagine why he/she behaved like this with you.

Tip Four – Take a few deep breathes

In any instance, when you feel angry, lonely, low or anything like that, choose a quiet corner of your office, home, or the place wherever you are. Take a few deep breaths. Then sit quietly. If you need again take deep breaths and do this 4-5 times. It will work as a mind tranquilizer.

Buddha Mind Control

Tip Five – Expectation is the root

Buddha’s teachings are nothing but spiritual expressions of psychology. Buddha says the expectation is the root of all sorrows in human life. If you start cutting down expectations, you will be in a strong position in controlling emotions. It’s a little hard but can be acquired by practice.

Tip Six – Rise up to tolerate

What is your Tolerance Quotient (TQ)? I personally feel that besides Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ), this TQ has significant importance in this current fast life. You should try to upgrade all these three and there is no reliable solution other than meditation to this.

Tip Seven – Humanistic approach

We all are humans. In our life, when we get trapped in any kind of emotional or psychological force we get wicked and dangerous than any animal. While reacting to anybody, including one who had done harm to us, one must keep human and humanistic approach alive. This is good for mind control.

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