7 secrets of human body


human body

The human body is the greatest machine in this universe. Actually, it is beyond a machine, because of many astonishing qualities. It has the power to create and shun emotions. It can reduce and increase the proportion of various ingredients present in the body. Here are 7 secrets of the human body…

Secret 1 – Energy creating machine

The machine, apparatus, or marvelous creation, whatever you call it, it is an energy making machine. You eat bread and butter in breakfast, chicken in the lunch, and then rice with curd in dinner. Do you know what happens to all of it? All this is converted into energy for use of the Human body.

Secret 2 – Digest probably anything

The human body can digest even poison also. Yes, I mean it. Every machine has a limit, so your body also does have a limit. This limit depends upon your mind. If your mind convinces your body that this will not harm your body, you can also digest severe poison with some disorders in the body.

human body mosquito

Secret 3 – Reflex action

You are sitting in your home concentrating on your work. You are so busy that you didn’t have the coffee placed on your table for the last half hour. Suddenly one mosquito sits on your shoulder. Your other hand will kill the mosquito with a big slap. This is involuntary and called a reflex action.

Secret 4 – Daily cleansing

You take a body wash every day. Your body cleanses all your inner impurities every 24 hours. The cleansing ways are urine, excreta, sweat, and so on. Even if you had some contaminated food, your body tries to remove the contamination and get all the organs pure.

Secret 5 – Timely secretions

Human life is based on emotions. We have various emotions which are responded to our mind and body. For example, for sexual pleasure special kinds of fluids are secreted in the brain and reproductive organs. If these fluids did not secret on time it gives rise to physical and mental disorders.

human body

Secret 6 – Analyze complex thing

Any complex phenomenon, concept, or philosophy can only be analyzed by a human brain. The time taken varies from human to human. This is a great quality of our brain. With this miraculous organ, we have researched thinking patterns, emotional patterns, and the sky is the limit to it.

Secret 7 – Upgrading with time

The human brain and body have the capacity to upgrade with time. You can observe that every next generation is tremendously wiser than the prior one. This up-gradation is many folds. Because of this quality we, rise from ape to this stage. We are living in the information age today.

It will be noteworthy that we did not know what will be the technology of tomorrow. But we also did not know how important, precious this body is and how to make maximum out of it. We should definitely try to know this.

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