Who is Your Enemy No. 1


Enemy? Honestly speaking, there is no enemy to mankind except himself. And I am sure that this species will endanger itself one day or another with its own acts and omissions. In our lives as individuals, we are confused with our enemies. We are unable to find real ones and hence end up with a … Read more

I am 100% corona positive

Corona, the virus, phobia, and word have literally shattered the globe. You will not find a single person who is not aware of the corona. This pandemic has spread fear in all the human species, it has triggered unrest in every living creature and it has injected pain into blood veins of the city of … Read more

Life is Just 1 Mind Game

game 1

Yes, life is a mind game… Do you like games? Hey, I am not talking about traditional games like Hockey, Holly ball or Cricket. These are the games that we might have left far behind. But each of these games has a factor involved and that is uncertainty. Most of the time, we were familiar … Read more

Remove Negativity in 10 Minutes

Hey there, how is going? I am back with very interesting and mesmerizing techniques to wash out your negativity in just ten minutes. This is a proven psychological technique which has got an overwhelming response from many of my colleagues, students, and friends. I have tried to keep them very simple and easy so that … Read more

7 Things Girls Hate

Hey there, are you in love? Or planning to date some girl? Or already catch up with somebody? This is the secret everyone out there wants to know. In this article, I have tried to unveil a few secrets to get a place in the heart of a lady. All these are proven and simple … Read more

Are You Truly Living Life 100%?


Yes, this is the question everyone there should ask themselves. Your age, sex, location, ethnicity, or position doesn’t make an exception to this. Yes, do you feel that this is the question of most and foremost importance? I know most of you will reply in a Yes. But I will humbly request those to think … Read more