Does Size Matter? : 5 myths


It is a very common question about the size of men’s Penis. There are many myths surrounding this question and every new generation gets curious about this question in their puberty. Let’s elaborate on five myths regarding Does Size Matter?

Lovemaking and tool size

Lovemaking really did not have any relation with the size of men’s tools. The Penis shape and length vary with race, ethnicity, and body type. Some had big ones and another has average tools. It has never been confirmed that length has any connection with pleasure in lovemaking.

Game of few inches

As far as the anatomy of the human body is concerned, only the upper 3 inches area of male tool is sensitive and that is the most important part of lovemaking. Let your tool as big as it is, only the upper 3 inches part has a role to play in lovemaking.


Size and Pleasure cells

The vaginal opening has sensory points in its uppermost part. Outer and inner lips of the vagina are very sensitive. The clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman’s body. Beyond inner lips the vaginal channel has very sensitive cells in 2 inches area, those create all fun.

Foreplay is the game-changer

Foreplay plays a much important role in lovemaking than the size of men’s tools. It is like a car well maintained with oil, petrol, and other essential ingredients to make it run smoothly. There are hundreds of techniques of foreplay. We will discuss some in future posts.


Pleasure and size

The actual process of intercourse lasts between a few seconds to 3 minutes. Do not rely on porn movies, as porn stars take steroids and supplements. Keep in mind that you can get pleasure without intercourse also. It repeals the question, Does Size Matter?

This much-asked question did not have any relevance to your sex life. It needs a sound mind and brain for timely signals and secretions in your body. So get rid of this question.

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