5 Things Women Hate in Sex


Although we live in a male dominating society, we must appreciate that women are the real strength of our lives. She manages the household business, she feeds us, and she rejoices our lives. But she is seen as a secondary in life, which creates immense pain in my heart. As far as sex is concerned, … Read more

7 Myths About Sex


Sex… the whole universe of the web is majorly dominated by sex and porn-related material. The proportion is around 70 percent. Unfortunately, there is a lack of genuine knowledge about sex. This picture is not beneficial for humanity. In spite of such a grand proportion of material, many myths connected to sex still remain intact. … Read more

Are You Porn Addict?

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The Sadhguru was quoting some internet expert on his talk. The expert told him that 70% of the internet is full of porn films. The number is growing like nothing. The most dangerous part is the growing number of addicted persons. This is an addiction that is greater and more harmful than any other addiction. … Read more

Does Size Matter? : 5 myths


It is a very common question about the size of men’s Penis. There are many myths surrounding this question and every new generation gets curious about this question in their puberty. Let’s elaborate on five myths regarding Does Size Matter? Lovemaking and tool size Lovemaking really did not have any relation with the size of … Read more