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Corona, the virus, phobia, and word have literally shattered the globe. You will not find a single person who is not aware of the corona. This pandemic has spread fear in all the human species, it has triggered unrest in every living creature and it has injected pain into blood veins of the city of the world. However, the other side of the coin is that this pandemic has created room for thinking positively.  

Global communication

It is interesting to see that this pandemic has spread almost all over the globe, from one human to another. You can see this in a positive way. If you have any good idea, a good product or good thought, it can be spread in the world by humans rapidly. If your idea or product or whatever is found beneficial and worthy by just a handful of people the whole human population is the limit for spreading it.

Last workforce

In these very hard times of corona spread, there were many persons who were continuously engaged in their professions just for the safety of your sake. They are doctors, nurses, cleaning services, medicine shops, and small grocery shops, and so on… This last but not the least workforce is hidden potential for your service, business, work. If you are a scientist, research something for these people. If you are a writer, get involved with them and you will find some stories which were never written down. Every professional has potentially something to take home from these people.

Nothing can conquer you

The number of corona positive patients worldwide has reached a seven-digit while those of cured is in six digits and growing. This pandemic has shown you that nothing can conquer the human species. Death is just a break, even in its existence, life goes on. There are many persons around us who are in grief because of a lack of money, lack of shelter, lack of employment, and other things. Remember that no outer or inner thing can conquer you unless and until you lose your own last hope.

Nature Rejuvenating
Nature Rejuvenating

Importance of nature

In this corona era, the world has literally stopped. There is no one on the streets, in the malls, in cinema houses, schools, colleges, and offices. All industries are locked, all vehicles are parked and all humans are forced to be at home. Due to this change, pollution levels have come to almost zero. Many peaks of mountains are visible from long distances. All the waters and air had cleansed. This is like nature is rejuvenating itself after centuries.

Humans and humanity

We are humans at first and at last. Helping others in need is the basic instinct of ours. We have shown this courage and humility to not only humans but also other living creatures in the past. In this corona era, we are experiencing a new episode of humility. Religions say that you are responsible for many others in society. It is your duty to share your wealth for the welfare of downtrodden, may it be in cash or kind. Corona has reestablished this fact.

Death is the ultimate reality

Osho is one of the greatest thinkers in the world. He has quoted that, your death is born with you. Death is the ultimate reality, which you cannot avoid by any means. There were many people who died even before the initiation of this pandemic, and people will keep dying even after this pandemic. So be real, energetic, and creative to make out from every moment of this life. You should immerse yourself in life in such a way that the moment of death should become the happiest one for you.

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Pugmarks of willpower

I am sure you have tremendous willpower, otherwise, you couldn’t have made this post till the end. Many things, rather everything in your life, are acquired with your will power. You might not have noticed it, but you can’t deny this reality. You play some good games, or cook food nicely or nicely play some instrument is only because you had the willpower to acquire knowledge and skills regarding these things. History of homo Sapiens is full of such pugmarks of willpower. You also have the ability to do anything beyond imagination with this willpower.

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