Life is Just 1 Mind Game

game 1
game 1

Yes, life is a mind game…

Do you like games? Hey, I am not talking about traditional games like Hockey, Holly ball or Cricket. These are the games that we might have left far behind. But each of these games has a factor involved and that is uncertainty. Most of the time, we were familiar with co-players, so we had little idea about how the ball will be delivered in the ground or vice versa. But the game of life is beyond all imaginations.

We really don’t know anything

I repeat this… the game of life is beyond all your imaginations. Because you don’t know what incidence will take place at what instance. You are totally blind about your future. You might have future plans carved carefully, you might have millions of dollars preserved for the future, but you are not at all aware of any pandemic engulfing your city, or about any accident of regarding any natural disaster. Therefore the game of life is risky, full of shocks n shivering… that is what makes it interesting.

There is nothing in our control

The most tragic part of this game is… there is nothing in our control. We have little control over our thoughts, emotions, and physical activities but don’t have it on our subconscious mind, and even on electric supply, and on the mood of our boss and sometimes on our assistant Alexa. Jokes apart, but we really don’t have control over anything right from our birth. If you take a look back, you will find that all those things we were proud to have control on were actually controlled by others. Take the example of education. It was also controlled by your teachers, schools, colleges, and educational boards.

mind and emotion
mind and emotion

The mind is the only solution

This giant game has many tasks to complete. Sometimes you need to complete multiple tasks at the same time. Once you finish one task another task is ready for you and the game keeps going on. The only pleasant thing is that there is definitely an end to this game, and that is death. Is death really the end? Let’s talk about it in some other post. So for this game of life mind is the only solution. Your mind alone can control your thoughts, emotions, your spirit, and your persona as a whole. You need to master it to follow you, that’s the only way to conquer this battle.

The key player

A tree has its roots buried deep in the soil. But in humans, its roots are situated in the uppermost organ, the brain. Brain and mind are closely associated with each other as well as with your thoughts, emotions, and overall persona. The mind is the key player in this battle of life. First, some thought or emotion emerges in the mind, and then some particular related parts of the brain react to it by secreting some fluids. If you train your mind to see and analyze every situation rationally before reaction, you can properly use this key player.

extreme emotions
extreme emotions

The game

Developing a rational vision towards life is the first step towards conquering this battle. First, try to understand life and then your mind. You get hurt by comments by others. You get pleased by pat on your back; you get angry when someone used bad words for you. In all these three situations the reactions were natural but not rational.

Did you have controlled your mind in some situations similar to this? Please write about it. We are eagerly waiting to read it.

Strengthen your mind

There are many methods, tricks, exercises, and techniques to train and strengthen your mind. I will be sharing some of these in future posts. Definitely training and strengthening your mind is the ultimate solution for success in every field, may it be business, relationship, spiritual practice, or any other. Finally, Life can never lose and you can never win in this battle but a trained strong mind will make your life lovable, for sure…

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