Who is Your Enemy No. 1


Enemy? Honestly speaking, there is no enemy to mankind except himself. And I am sure that this species will endanger itself one day or another with its own acts and omissions. In our lives as individuals, we are confused with our enemies. We are unable to find real ones and hence end up with a mess. To avoid this mess we need to clean our glasses and even eyeballs first…

Blame game

You know the man is the most opportunist of all the animals and he likes to engulf himself in his very comfort zone. Whenever some good happen in his life he pats his own back or admires one who has mentored him. On the other hand in case of any loss or failure, he blames his fortune or god. This is his convenient blame game. This makes him lazy and restricts him from looking at the picture at large. In this way, humans are their own enemies.

Glory of envy

Envy is not a negative sign or person, as, like the enemy, it has a layer of glory to it. Any healthy competition leads to a nice development of all the players involved. You should envy another person for his talent, his personality, his style to work, speak, walk, and handle matters. You should envy with your competitor for their quality, policy, and stronghold over the market. This envy will definitely lead to your enhancement as a person or company, whatever the matter.

Healthy Competition
Healthy Competition

Envy Vs enmity

Envy, as we have seen in the envy triggers healthy competition while enmity spreads hatred. Hatred or bad words have never made good for anybody throughout the history of mankind. Only those can march ahead who have even the competitors in their friend list. So you should try to make new friends and compete with them in manners such as their skills, personality, and other abilities.

If you are not your friend…

All of us have an account on FB, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and so on… And every one of us has around 5000 friends on social media. I am sure that few from this greater friend arena might be meeting at least once in a month, might be partying or do activities like trekking, swimming, reading, and so on. I am dam sure most of you are the greatest enemy of yourself. You will have to change this situation. It will take time. And if you are not able to befriend yourself, you should at least not become an enemy of yourself.

Envious nature is…

If you start something and fail in it, no need to worry, but if you lose your friendly nature and become the enemy of somebody, then it is very dangerous. I must state that enmity hurts most to one who is full of enmity. There are many bad effects of enmity. You will lose your friends, all will look at you with hatred, and nobody will love you. You might get a lot of money by enmity with others but you will never get your dignity and respect with this.

Competing with enemy
Holley Ball

You should be your envy

Even as a person, envy will help you enhance your personality, personal qualities, and your abilities. This can be achieved if you become your own envy in a personal and healthy sense. You will have to be like a tissue paper, and then only you can absorb each and every good thing from the nature or persons around you in this or that manner. This kind of absorption will lead to creating a non-envious outlook in you. You will become a friend for all. You will be admired by all and some people will try to become the envy of you.

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