Love Story : 10 Great Folks

love story
Love is life, love is god, love is the essence of human existence. We have read many sentences like these in ancient scriptures, religious books, and literature. Love is no doubt a very special feeling and a gift of nature to mankind. There are hundreds of love stories of great lovers all around the world. These are mostly folk tales that can be felt real even in these times. This post elaborates about 9 greatest love stories randomly.

Cleopatra and Mark Antony

This is a tragic love story. Cleopatra was the queen of the Roman Empire of Egypt. She was believed to be the most beautiful lady on this planet. She was in desperate love Mark Antony. Mark was a General in the empire.
Her involvement was so intense that she was unable to love without him. But the disparity between their status did not permit them to come together. Finally, they decided to die together to come close forever.

Nala was the son of Veersena and the king of Nishadha Kingdom. He was known for his skills with horses. He was a great cook. He also scribed a book on cookery, which is known to be the world’s first cookery book.

He felt in love with Damayanti, the princess of Vidarbha Kingdom. A Swaymavara was organized for Damyanti’s marriage where many princes were invited. In it, she chose Nala as her husband. It is a very marvelously woven love story.

love story

Adam – Eve

The most ancient love story is related to the great Adam and Eve. This couple is believed to be created by the almighty for the creation of life after he created this beautiful world. They are primitive humans.
We all know the story of the holy serpent advising both of them not to eat the fruit (apple) of the sacred tree. They ate it and the elements of love, desire, and sex became strongly alive in their bodies and minds.

Laila – Majnu

The Arabic arena is full of stories. Laila – Majnu is one of the stories from Arabic tells. This love story is a great piece of literature by the Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi. Laila, a very beautiful girl and Majnu (Qais) were born in rival clans.

Majnu was deeply involved in Laila. Once the religious leader asked him to write the name of god but he wrote Laila’s name on hand. When beaten on his hand Laila’s hand started bleeding. Finally, Majnu turned mad in her love.

Shirin – Farhad

Scholars believe that this is also a script written by the Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi. It is a love triangle between Persian king Khosrow, Armenian princess Shirin and her lover Farhad. This love story has a very tragic end.

The king fells in love with Shirin and wants to marry her against her will. Farhad, a sculptor sees Shirin and fells in her love. The king sends Farhad to carve stairs in a mountain. He jumps from the top knowing about false news of Shirin’s death.

Love Story, bajirao mastani

Bajirao – Mastani

Here in India, in the state of Maharashtra on Deccan plateau, a grand love story is remembered. Bajirao was the commander or fourth Chatrapati (King) of the Marathe empire, Shahu Maharaj. He was well known for his prowess.

He had a wife named Kashibai. He fell in love with one of the dancer of his palace, named Mastani. He built a palace and lake for her. They gave birth to a son. Being belonging to different religions they were not accepted by society.

Heer – Ranza

This is again a beautiful piece of writing by Waris Shah. Some scholars say that it is the real-life story of Waris Shah which has been written on his own tragedy. Some others say that this love story is based on real persons.

Heer and Ranza were immersed in deep love. But Heer was not allowed to marry Ranza. Then Ranza turned Jogi renouncing worldly life. Both of their bodies were buried in the village Jhang, in Punjab at the native place of heer.

Sohni – Mahiwal

This is a tragic love story from Punjab. Sohni was married to a person which she did not like. Every night she went to meet her lover Mahiwal crossing the river. She used a mud pot to float in the river while swimming.

One night her sister in law replace the mud pot with an unbaked mud pot. Sohni, taking the pot proceeds to her lover. The pot melts down in the river and Sohni starts drowning. She begs for help but no one comes forward and her life ends.

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Radha – Krishna

This is a moral love story that exists in the hearts of people from thousands of years. Radha – Krishna’s love blossomed in Vrindavan, an area located in Uttar Pradesh of India. There are many temples and places of pilgrimage in their names.

Radha is the lover of Lord Krishna. Many of her friends also admired Krishna but Krishna was in love with Radha. Their love was not merely physical. It is believed that their love is eternal, spiritual, and everlasting.

Dona – Paula

There is a famous location called ‘Dona Paula’, in Goa. This is situated at the beach known with the same name. There is a  statue of a young girl waiting for his lover is carved on a hill. This is a very popular place and a love story.

Dona was a princess, who fell in love with a local fisher boy. She strongly insisted to marry the boy. The king threw a ring deep in the sea and asked the boy to search for it. Dona is still believed to be waiting for the boy.

All five elements are full of love. Every corner of the world breezes love. Every flower brings you the fragrance of love. You can feel and experience all these things if you have a heart filled with love. These are a few literary pieces depicting love around the globe. Each love story will mesmerize you at least for some time. If you know one and want to write, you can share it here. Please let me know in the comment section.

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