5 Things Women Hate in Sex


Although we live in a male dominating society, we must appreciate that women are the real strength of our lives. She manages the household business, she feeds us, and she rejoices our lives. But she is seen as a secondary in life, which creates immense pain in my heart. As far as sex is concerned, practically she has all the keys to pleasure. But we keep on ignoring it. Kamasutra has discussed extensively sexual life. We will discuss it in detail in our future posts. Here, for the moment, are 5 things that women hate in sex.

Liquor and other intoxication

Addiction to liquor and any kind of intoxication is a major reason to hate for women. Generally, most of the women hate smokers, drinkers, and addicts. As far as the sexual union is concerned, no woman likes to have sex with an intoxicated or addict man. This is a scene in most conservative countries. In western countries, the picture is not much different but the percentage varies a little. This might be a part of cultural necessities.


Outside bedroom

Many men have desires that are out of the box. They are interested in trying various experiments in sex. They want to have sex in different positions. Some of them also want to do sex in other places of the home like the living room, on the sofa, on the dining table, and even in the bathroom. Most of the women have a mindset that bedroom is the place specifically earmarked for the purpose of sex. Hence they are reluctant to have it in other corners of the home. This creates a reason for women to hate.

Naming another woman

What can be the greatest nightmare in sex? Believe me, naming another woman while you are engaged in sex with one, can create a cyclone in your life. Men are always attracted to other women. Many of the men start imagining having sex with the woman they found attractive. These emotions never last and they keep on at the backend of mind. Because of excitement at times, the name of such a woman gets revealed. This is the worst ever situation to handle.

Getting off suddenly

Sex should never be seen merely as a ritual. It is full of energy, ecstasy, pleasure, and immense attachment. Women mostly are interested in the before and after part of sexual intercourse. The reason is foreplay gradually ignites the fire in their belly and the ‘after’ part makes them fly like a bird in the sky. For men, ejaculation is the end of the game. But after ejaculation, if you leave your woman in a sudden go, it breaks the pace of her pleasure.



Weird fantasy

As discussed in an earlier paragraph some of the men have weird fantasies. Actually, such fantasies are nothing but the outcome of watching porn films. Many of these fantasies include blindfolding, bondage, and so on. Basically, women are conservative in nature. As far as the issue of sex is concerned, they don’t feel comfortable to have experiments. This conflict makes the lovemaking soar and your loving woman starts hating you.

Loving or hating something differs from person to person. Especially sex has many impressions and expressions. Hence anyone can not jot down an absolute formula of what women like and hate. After all, though a very crucial part of life, sex is a very private and personal thing. It has many faceted possibilities hidden within. If one can explore a couple of these and utilize them properly, no doubt it will set your life on a high go.

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