9 Love Symbols

love symbols

Love has many stories, myths, and symbols related to it. As a human emotion, we can see many similarities in these things. There are many symbols associated with love. These are mostly used to express love and affection. Many times it is hard to express for those who are in love. Hence, symbolism is very significant in love. These are signals of acceptance to someone’s love. Here in this post, we will discuss 9 love symbols.


In love symbols, the most commonly known universal symbol is a heart shape. Love is believed to be a heart to heart connection. Hence to show love, affection for someone this symbol is used. This symbol is also used to denote the acceptance of love proposals. Mostly, this heart is decorated with red or pink color. But with the changing times, the colors are chosen as per the likings of both the partners. It is the most popular symbol of love in the world.


Roses are one of the most significant love symbols because of their soft petals and beautiful shape. Red rose is offered to a lover or fiancee or life partner. Valentine’s day is a worldwide festival of love. On this day, everyone takes the opportunity to express his/her love to the loved one. Divine love is shown by the white rose. Yellow rose is the symbol of friendship. While romantic feelings are exhibited with a pink rose. Roses are mostly used to impress women.


love symbols

Two swans

In Greek culture, the goddess of love has great importance. While in Roman culture the goddess of love and desire has a similar attire. Swan is the symbol of both these goddesses. Two swans in the water opposite each other, touching their beaks is a well-known symbol of love. In this symbol necks of both swans look like a beautiful heart shape. It is noteworthy that, swans choose their partner for life and never change them.

Maple Leaves

The maple leaf is one of the cutest love symbols. It has most commonly used in Japnese and Chinese culture. It is believed that keeping a maple leaf in the bedroom, enhances the beauty of love. In the North American continent, some people use this maple leaf. It is placed on the feet side near the bed to make love more exciting. Sweet maple syrup is famous in many countries. Keeping a leaf of maple with you helps to make your love life sweet.


Shells are found in the deep sea. This is one of the great love symbols. Shells are the home for pearls. Pearls conceive, grow, and take the ultimate shape inside shells. Therefore it is associated with the purest relation of humans, that is love. Roman goddess of love, named Venus is shown standing on a shell. This is interesting to know that pearl is a gift much appreciated by women. Love is in life is like a pearl in the shell. Love is nothing less than a pearl.


love knot

Love knots

It is a symbol depicted with the help of two ropes. Both these ropes are tied together to form a loose knot. This knot shows shape like the heart. The sailors invented this knot. While going on an expedition, they used to tie this knot, remembering their loved ones. After reaching safely back home, this knot was presented to the loved one. Therefore it is also known as the sailor knot. Many gift items and jewelry of this shape are popular everywhere as love symbols.


Apple is one of the love symbols seen in the hands of the goddess Venus. Since the famous story of Adam eating the forbidden apple, it symbolizes love, sex, and desire. As depicted in the adam and eve’s story, Apple has also a connection to negativity in sex and love. It also points out weird desires. On the other hand, it is a symbol of health. Hence presenting apple to someone, denotes praying for his health, love, and affection.

Rings and necklaces

Women love Jewelry. The practice of gifting rings and necklaces to women is very common. Lovers mostly prefer heart-shaped Jewelry as a love symbol. In many cultures, the necklace is an important part of the custom of solemnizing the marriage. A custom to worn ring in the index finger is also followed at the engagement ceremony in some cultures. In Hindu culture, a grand necklace ‘Mangal Sutra’ is worn in the neck of the bride by the groom.

kiss, love symbols

Kissing on lips

In Christian culture, marriages are solemnized at the church. The bride and groom, take an oath to accept each other as life partners and discharge all their social, religious duties. After this oath, they kiss each other right in front of the invitees. Mostly in liberal countries, a kiss in one of the most romantic love symbols. lovers kiss each other after accepting loveship. It is a symbol of accepting each other with true faith, love, and passion.

Although there are many love symbols in various cultures, real love never begs for any one of these. As said rightly in one of the above paragraphs, love is a connection of one heart to another. Such a humble, dedicated connection does not need any symbols, gifts, and Jewelry. No doubt, love is beyond all these worldly things. Just a glimpse through the corner of the eye, just a smile or just gestation of affection is greater than gifts or love symbols.

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