Mount Everest : Trekkers Love

Mount Everest

Mount Everest, the mountain, the highest peak, love for which is in the air. Every human has extended his/her love to Mount Everest. Yes, you are not getting me wrong. This is the highest peak, which is like the crown on the head of earth. Ask a question to yourself… Have you ever dreamed to have a tour at the Mount Everest? I am sure, almost 99% would answer in positive to this question. On the background of International Everest Day, Here are some insights regarding love for Mount Everest.


The highest extension

As said earlier, Mount Everest is the highest extension of the earth. It is surrounded by its own glory and engulfed by myths buried under the ice. It has hundreds of success stories to share and other hundreds of failures to hide in icebergs. Believe me; each and every trekker must have experienced the love of this mountain without fail. Mount Everest cares you like a mother, warns you like a father, and helps you like your friend.

A pleasing view

Mount Everest has probably the most enchanting view of the world. The peak surrounded by many other peaks, covered by ice reflecting the blue color is the most pleasing view. Even on the road to the base camp of Mount Everest, you can see many glorious places and scenes. The atmosphere at the base camp is vibrant. Trekkers from various countries meet each other. They greet each other as is they are leaving for meeting their most loved one.


Mount Everest

Worship by Sherpa

The base camp and nearby area are surrounded by small villages and a couple of towns. Most of the population staying here is of the Sherpa community. This is a community of one of the strongest people in the world. They worship Mount Everest in their daily life. Many of them travel daily in various places near the base camp to feed their cattle. They have a sacred faith in this mountain which they worship as the god of nature.

Heaven for trekkers

Thousands of trekkers from all over the world rush to the place for the Mount Everest Summit. In the past few years, this place has become very crowded. At the south cole (around 1000 meters below from the summit) bottleneck traffic is observed in the summit season. The reason is that every trekker wants to summit Mount Everest and spend at least a few days of life in this heaven. This is a glimpse of the tremendous love of mankind.

Worship before start

Some of you might be aware that before the summit starts, a small initiation ceremony is held at the base camp. Buddhist monks pray for the better of the trekkers. They pray the Mount, to keep these trekkers, who are like his own children, safe. They also appeal to the Everest to forgive the sins and mistakes of these trekkers. This is a bond of love just like we experience between parents and children.

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Not for conquer

The sherpas are the backbone of the summit. They love Mount Everest like it is the father and they go on summit not to conquer but to extend this love. The Sherpa are loving children of the Mount Everest and other mountains in true sense. They are living in a mountain area. Hence the capacity to breathe in sparse oxygen and being strong in hard times is inbuilt by birth. They are also familiar with local routes, good and bad signs of changes in the atmosphere.

Love for Everest continues

The love story is nothing but a bond between Everest and trekkers. Many of us are attracted to trekking because of a silent love for Everest. There are hundreds of trekkers who succeed in the summit have the same story. Every year newcomers, youngsters come to Everest with a passion and dedication. Not all of them can achieve the summit. But they surely get at least a few drops of love which Everest is showering.

The love story of humans and Everest started years ago. The bond of love between sherpas and Mount Everest can be stretched back to centuries. But on 29th May 1953, this love story got grand success. Sherpa Tenzing Norgay (Nepal) and Edmund Hillary (New Zealand) climbed Mount Everest for the first time in the history of humans. This was started a new episode. The love for Mount Everest continues…

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