The Religion of Love

religion of love

Do you know what is the religion of love? I am sure you don’t. Because it does not exist. But if you take a look at various scriptures, philosophies, and teachings of all the religions, you will find that all of them are ultimately spreading the message of love. In various religions, you can point out many differences for the sake of debate. But no one can deny that love is the only religion of this whole world, humanity, and mankind. Let’s try to figure out what is the religion of love…

Essence of Hinduism

Hinduism has the oldest methodology of life as per the available scriptures. Ancient scriptures of Hinduism teach and advocate love for all. It teaches that all the creatures including trees, animals, and living-non living things are the manifestation of God. God dwells in all of them equally. Hence a bond of love is a natural instinct. Everyone should try to feel and acquire this religion of love in his life.


religion of love

Rules of Islam

Islam also spreads nothing other than the message of love. Prophet Muhammad was the messenger of God. In his message, he appealed all the humans to come with him and he will take all of us to Allah. He further appeals to all of us to love Allah and Allah will shower his love on all. He will love you like anything and forgive your sins. We should experience this power of the religion of love.

Message of Buddha

Buddha was the first great seer who implemented the concept of equality in life. He believed in love for all. If all of us are equal and are tiny creatures of the ultimate source, then why differences? This thinking was the base of his philosophy. He spread the message of peace in the world through his messengers. Buddhism believes that there cannot be peace in the absence of religion of love.

Inner love of Sufi

Sufi is one of the ancient methodologies of worshiping god. They use each and every aspect of life to infuse the love of the Almighty. They never miss a single moment to connect with God through love. They play musical instruments, sing and dance to exhibit their religion of love. They dedicate every act of their life to acquire the sacred love of the Almighty and fill it in their hearts.


Teachings of Christianity

Holy Jesus Christ, is the ultimate symbol of love for mankind. He was crucified and he accepted all the hardship just because of his love for mankind. He was the messenger of God. He said in his message, ‘You all are children of that Almighty. You love everything that is surrounding you. Your heart will get filled in with the divine love of god if you follow the religion of love.

The Zoroastrians

These are the people who think of others not only in their lifetimes but also after they are dead. They worship fire. Fire is the ultimate truth like love is. As guided by their religion, they keep the bond of love alive with their relatives, neighbors, and friends. Their religion of love believes that their loved ones rest there in subtle bodies in the holy well found inside their worship place.

Jews – the jewels

Jews are the most downtrodden communities in the world. It would not be the exaggeration of fact if I say that they have faced the highest atrocities in the history of mankind. Even after facing so much hardship, they have not left their religion of love. They are consistently spreading the message of love. Although in a very small number they are doing big for spreading the message of love.



Zen culture

The Zen culture is one of the ancient, mythical and analytical methodology of living. The Zen master carries a lamp in one hand and a sword in the other. But he never forgets his religion of love. Through his words he spreads the message of sacred love. The sword is not for hurting someone. It is a symbol of knowledge. So the Zen guru is a source of knowledge, light, and love.

The religion of the world

These days all of us are right in the middle of a great tragedy, called Corona pandemic. It has been a couple of months we are facing this tragedy. Now we are finally realized that nothing other than love can save the world. Love for Corona Positive patients, love for the poor, the needy, and love for the whole mankind will give us the courage to defeat this pandemic. We should not leave this bonding of love, even after the end of this pandemic. Because this is the religion of love, the religion of the world.

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