Spouse : 7 Tips to Keep Bonding Intact


Husband and wife are the closest relationships in humans. We hear words like ‘made for each other’, ‘love birds’, ‘perfect couple’, and many more. This relation has the maximum potential for creativity as well as destruction. Hence both spouses need to be very careful about each other. Love, passion and dedication is the key for a good relation with spouse. Here are five tricks for enriching bonding with your spouse.

Don’t reply immediately

A small conflict is the seed of a big quarrel. Especially in relation to the spouse, this saying is very important. I bait there will be no couple on this planet that did never had a conflict between them. Whenever the smallest conflict initiates, follow the first tip, that is don’t reply immediately. Any quick reaction might be full of anger, emotion, or aggressiveness. So it is always better to wait for a couple of minutes and then react politely.


Understand the role of the latter

Many times we look at others from our end. We never try to experience the pain of others. In the case of spouses, it is recommended to at least try to understand the role of the latter. It is seen that normally your partner sees your job as of less importance. This is a human tendency to neglect anybody other than the self. So try to assess what pain, hard work my spouse is facing while discharging his/her duties. It will dilute the hardness of relations.

Surprises are boosters

You know, everybody likes surprises. Especially women are more pleased to have surprises and they really love to be pampered. Eventually, surprises work like boosters in the relationship of spouses. It will be the right time to offer such a surprise gift, dinner, outing to shun the bitterness spread by a quarrel. Note that, there is no need for an expensive surprise. Such surprise work like a miracle on special days like birthday, anniversary, etc.


Get on backfoot

Naturally, humans are attracted to the opposite. If you are calm, then you will be attracted to an aggressive person. This might be true in you as a couple. But when both of you are aggressive nature, then it creates all the mess. In such a situation, whenever there is a conflict, try to get on a backfoot for a while. Getting on backfoot is not bad. It is a stance created for a big leap. If both of you get on backfoot, the battleground will be cleared quickly.

Control emotions

Emotions have a very important role in human life. They create kingdoms and destroy them. There are thousands of stories of kings and queens around the world, where emotions have played a pivotal role to create history. So controlling emotions is need for any relation. Not only anger but also urges like sex, outing, and others can be controlled in specific situations. With whom you are going to get pleasure when your partner is not willing to.


Take a break

These days, everyone is over-occupied with his/her daily business. working like a machine in daily routine and repetitiveness of work makes life boring. so there is a need for a break at times. Whenever you feel this urge, try to take a break along with your spouse. If you can’t spare much time plan one-night halt at some nearby location. just roam around the city market or garden, if you have very little time. This break can break the chain of many future conflicts.

Give quality time

Many times we bury ourselves in our work. Work is worship and it is the real generator for the money. Hence we should never neglect it. But do not forget that we have a beautiful life and a very beautiful spouse to live with. So you must afford quality time for your life and your better half. After all, everything around you is for your enjoyment. fulfilling your desires and living a very lovely, happy life is the ultimate goal of your existence.

These are a few tips that I have discussed in this post. Bedroom and lovemaking are intimate solutions for most of the problems between spouses. I hope these tips will prove helpful for married and unmarried guys. Rather these tips will be helpful for everyone who is in a humble relationship.

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