Corona : 6 Best Habits for Life


Habit is nothing but the spontaneous urge to do something at particular time. This phase of life that is known as the ‘Corona Era’, has created great fear in the living world. Our life is at stake. The number of Corona positive is increasing every minute that is making the scene worst. No one of us ever knows whether we can keep ourselves away from this epidemic. Here your willpower and inner energy have a great role to play. This post gives you a glimpse of 5 best habits for life. These are not merely for survival but for living an energetic life.

Start with good vibes

Start your day at early morning. Many of us work in different time schedules, hence the sleeping hours vary. Still, I would suggest starting early morning to those who can afford to do it. When you wake up start with good vibes. Send a lovely inspiring message to your friend or on social media. If you believe in god, you can start with some chant. Read an inspiring quote or you can have a look at the image of your mentor, guide.

Exercise daily

Our body is a great machine and it needs daily maintenance. Exercise work as daily maintenance for the body. Keep in mind that no heavy exercises are required. Especially in this lockdown era, you can just have basic movements of hands, legs, neck, etc. you can do breathing exercises if you know the technique rightly. Your respiratory system needs to be strong enough if you want to cope up with Corona. Hence make it a habit to do it for at least 10-15 minutes.


The habit of Reading daily

Reading is one of the all-time great habits. Reading empowers you with knowledge. It enriches your imagination power. It also enhances your analytical ability and vocabulary. In this Corona era, we all have ample time at hand. So use this time to read some good stuff. You can get some books online. There are many online resources like Guttenberg, Amazon kindle available for free. Once you make your mind then no obstacle can stop you.

Write at least 100 words

Writing is a habit that has manyfold benefits. You might not be seen the writing with that outlook. It clarifies your concepts of life. It sharpens your expressive abilities. It wipes out negativities from your mind. In my personal opinion, writing is one of the best solutions for mental, emotional agony. You need not be an extraordinary writer for this, just basic knowledge is more than enough. After all, you are writing for yourself and not for the Booker prize.


Meditate daily

Meditation is the best ever habit for all living creatures. Besides the physical cleansing of body and mind, we need a spiritual cleansing. Meditation is the process designed for this purpose by our forefathers. Just sitting down is a quiet place with closed eyes is enough. If you follow or know the right technique for some special type of meditation, you can practice that. Meditation is necessary because it connects you with your inner soul.

Do some good work

Charity, help, support these habits are inbuilt in mankind. Do at least some good work daily. How you can do it now in lockdown? Yes, there is a simple solution to this question. You can help the needy people from your profession. You can send a small amount for money, food, or any other essential goods to some local organization. You can send it to some labor whom you know. Helping the baby sitter or maid of yours can also do.

Human life is nothing less than a miracle. Corona is just a little period if we compare it with the history of human existence on this planet. Human life has great value than any pandemic. There are hundreds of habits to adopt by a human in life. One should know, acquire, and try to adopt those in daily life.

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