King Size Living : 5 Prestigious Facts

king size

Everybody wants to live life king size. Once I was in a premier party surrounded by many colleagues and friends. Two of them were discussing life with a glass of whiskey in their hands.

The first one asked, ‘How is life going?’

The latter answered, ‘Not interesting enough.’

Again the first one asked, ‘You have everything in place, now what else you want?’

The latter answered, ‘I want to live life king size.’

In this post, I have tried to elaborate briefly on some points for living life king size.

Success is not the end

Everybody wants success in his life. But there is no formula with which one can get himself at the peak overnight. The specifications and dimensions of success vary from person to person. For someone wealth is a success, for someone being on top is success and someone else thinks that being a celebrity is a success. Anyhow, success is not the end of living life king size. It is a phenomenon that needs to be flowing in your blood. No matter, how much money or wealth you have.


Happiness is within you

Happiness is one of the essential things in life. If there is no happiness, then your life becomes miserable. However, happiness is submerged inside ourselves. The glass is half filled or half empty is decided by your outlook. In the same way, happiness and sorrow are decided more or less by your outlook. Eventually, great men have a positive outlook. Some people have money, wealth, luxury but still, they have a negative outlook.

Sorrows are a pinch of spices

We like spices in our food for taste. But we need just a pinch of spices to add a flavor and make the food delicious. If this pinch of spice is absent, then food will be tasteless. In the same way, sorrows come to us in a little amount which we make larger than life. Remember, sorrows have a role to play that is not more than a pinch of spice in food. With little pain, we forgot all happiness and let the sorrow penetrate our life. That is surely a wrong attitude.


The islands called luxury

Luxuries are loved by all but not afforded by many. Again luxury has different dimensions that vary from person to person. For a pedestrian, a bicycle is a luxury. Luxuries are like islands in our lives. Even if you have a luxury car to go to the office, you cannot skip the pressure and tension of the work. However, these islands surely please us for a while. Great men know that pleasure is just a glimpse of happiness while the latter is a state of mind.

Enchanting relations

Relations are very special things in human life. Marriage, parenting, family ceremonies are like booster packs of happiness. Relationships with friends, office colleagues, and business partners also give equal pleasure if maintained well. Whenever a relation breaks down, it creates deep grief around both the persons. At times such break up ends in positive outcomes. Great men keep healthy relations in spite of little conflicts.

For living life king size, these are some key factors to think upon; but the story does not end here. The list can go on and on counting hundreds of points. If you truly want to live such a life you need to have courage, passion,  prestige, and patience. If you can bear all the ups and downs, you can lead such a wonderful king-size life. But first and foremost you should ask yourself that do you really have it in you?

what is your ambition? what is your idea of living life king size? In what manner you are working hard to achieve your goals? Open up and share it with us…

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