How to Turn your Interest into Profession?


Every living human has a mind that has emotions. Emotions knit together to create interest. These interests vary from person to person. Anything can trigger interest in you. Generally, we think that interests are just for fun, stress-busting, and a break from your profession. This post will give a glimpse to you about how to turn your interest into a profession.

As said earlier, there can be n number of subjects which can be of interest to us. We will discuss here regarding five interests and how to turn them into a profession. So let’s start…

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting is the most common interest. If you want to be a professional artist, surely you will have to dedicate yourself to this purpose. First, you decide your genre from portrait, landscape, and abstract. You can also choose your medium. For painting, watercolor is a good choice to start with. Then you will have to work dedicatedly on it for at least six months.

Start the practice of portraits from your own photographs. Then work on your family member’s photos. After 2-3 months when you become good at this you can try portraits of your friends, relatives, and neighbors. These steps are important for feedback. Go to nearby locations for practicing landscape. The abstract painting is an expression of your inner feelings.

music, musician, sound

Love for music

Music has also a dedicated path. You need to understand notes, compositions, styles, and notations. This takes a lot of time. You can choose from various instruments like Rhythm instruments, Harmonium, strings or vocal, etc. You will have to find out a master who can teach you your chosen instrument or vocal professionally.

Then you will have to dedicate time for taking lessons from your master. Mostly master will teach you once or twice a week. You will have to devotedly practice those lessons in the remaining days. If you do it devotedly within a time of a couple of years you can become a good musician. After all, the time depends upon your retaining capacity.


I am not talking about teaching in school or college or at university. By teaching I mean teaching some skills like cookery, decorating home, designing small gift items, etc. If you are able to do such things with the best appealing ideas and if you want to teach these skills to others, you can really turn your interest into a profession.

As you already know how to do these things, you need to acquire the skill of teaching. First, you decide your target audience; it may be housewives, unmarried girls, and boys, and so on. Once you decide the target audience then keeping in mind their age, mindset, and comfort level design the teaching module and make videos.



All humans are fond of stories. Stories are found in all languages, cultures, and countries. Storytelling is the simplest way of skill to acquire for those who are chit chatters. There are many stories available in many languages. Starting from folk stories is good because there is no issue of copyright and they have already gained vast popularity.

Once you choose a language, sort out stories from a vast collection of king-queen stories, moral stories, historic stories, life stories of historic personalities. Then you start to practice in front of a big mirror. More emphasis should be given to your body language, facial expressions, accent, and ups-downs in your voice tone. By practice, you can be a good storyteller.

Writing as a profession

Writing is a very serious and life-changing profession. You can have an interest in it, but turning it in a profession requires hardworking. Fiction and non-fiction are the two most likely genres. There are other genres like comedy, horror, psycho-thriller, and so on. If you want to be a good writer first read a lot of books written by the legends. Reading some theories will be an added advantage.

Never ask this question that, what is needed the most for writing? Because the answer is simple… you need to write daily. Choose a language and shoot. Initially, your writing will be vagabond, may not be informative and eye-catching. Do not get upset, it’s all ok. Over time, your writing will be sharp, to the point, and mesmerizing. But do not skip writing.

Here in this post, we have discussed five interests, and how those can be turned into a profession. The tips discussed here were very small compared to the overall efforts needed. There are many resources available online, like videos, training programs, lectures. Every interest needs dedicated efforts for years to turn it into a profession. But if you practice prominently, be sure that you can get at least a few assignments at the local level.

If you want me to give a step by step detailed guide on any interest in turning into a profession, please comment below.

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