Are Homosexuals Really Bad?


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These guys are bad? No, not really, our outlook towards them is bad. I have many friends of that kind, but they never forced me to do what they are doing. They are guys and girls like us. They have their own emotions, feelings, and life. After all, they have all rights as human beings. Yes, I am talking about Homosexuals.

What is Homosexuality

The word Homo means the same or similar. Hence Homosexuals mean those who engage in sexual acts with same-sex. This is the most commonly taken meaning of this word. Another meaning is that, those who were mixed with each other; exactly to point out the meaning hidden in the word ‘Homogenous’, which is much important.

Every boy or girl comes out of the mother’s womb like others. At a certain age, that is of puberty or teenage or adolescence, whatever you name it, sexual identities start to build up. But in these people, there is feeling from inside that they belong to another sex. Boys feel that they are actually girls and vice versa, deep within.

So, the boys start developing a crush on boys and girls towards girls. This is the picture we see from outside. For them, it is reverse. One who appears a boy to us from outside is a girl from inside, hence he loves boys. He feels that he is a girl and he should be loved like a girl. This difference of sight creates all the mess. Homosexual boys are called ‘Gay’ while Homosexual girls are called ‘Lesbians’.

Let’s talk about some myths related to homosexuals and examine whether they are true or false on scientific grounds.


These guys are bad

Whenever we hear the word Homosexuality or come across some person who is homosexual, we start imagining the person indulged in sexual activity with a person of same-sex. But that’s not true. Sex or intercourse is not a prime motive for them.

Just like husband and wife or girlfriend and boyfriend, these people also like to be pampered, taken care of, watching movies together, touring, and many things. It is very interesting to know many Homosexuals do not engage in actual intercourse because they know the limits of their bodies. So these guys are not bad at all.

It is a psychological disease?

Homosexuality is a mix of physical-psycho-emotional vibrations. One must understand that every woman has a part of man in her and vice versa. When the part of the opposite sex becomes superseding then the original part is dominated. This gives rise to a complex situation amongst the emotions, thoughts, and behavior of a person.

Take the example of a boy. The part of the female submerged inside him becomes dominating and the male part is suppressed. Then he will start developing thoughts and emotions as if he is a girl. In most of the cases, the men start behaving like women. This is a biological mix and not at all a disease or deformity.


Unnatural sex – (Section 377 – IPC)

As elaborated earlier, common people start imagining of sexual act by Homosexuals that creates a dirty feeling around these guys. See, there are many methods to fulfill your sexual desire other than actual intercourse. Homosexuals doing intercourse keep proper hygiene and care. If they like it why you are worried?

Recently in India, Section 377, related to Unnatural sex, was repealed from the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Under this, any sexual activity not capable of reproduction is Unnatural sex. It has a provision of severe punishment. It was argued that heterosexuals also engage in unnatural sex for pleasure. The court upheld this view and repealed the section.

They are a curse upon society

This argument is totally wrong and hurting the dignity of Homosexuals. First and foremost they are humans. Secondly, most of the countries around the globe including India has upheld their existence and rights. There are several movements that are supporting these people. It is noteworthy that many celebrities and renowned personalities support Homosexuals.

As far as society is concerned, there are many Homosexuals who are working at the top level in renowned industries. They do not deliver their job as homosexuals; they work hard as engineers, accountants, and their other skills as professionals. Sexuality is a very individual and private thing, that has nothing to do with society.


They don’t respect others

Respect is a very personal question. No doubt every one of us should respect every other person, as a human being. In our society, you can find a number of persons who are arrogant everywhere. You can find such persons on the streets, in offices, in churches, and so on. Surprisingly, none of them will be Homosexual. Sexuality has nothing to do with behavior or respect.

Respect is a two-way concept. If you give it, you will get it in return. Homosexuals are a community who is seen as lesser humans. They are seen as bad guys. Homosexual women are treated like they are come out of hell. Surely, the Eunuch begging for money on streets and trains is bad, but as a part of society, we will have to seek a solution for their problems.

With this post on Homosexuality, I want to share more information about these people. I want you to think of these people as human and not otherwise. Next time whenever you come across some Homosexuals do not disregard them. Talk with him/her; try to figure out his emotions, thoughts, and problems. Lastly, try to seek some solution to the problem if possible.

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