3 Powerful Tricks for Life


Hey, I am sure you are one who is looking for continuous up-gradation. May it be of technology, ideas, or mind. I am also sure that you have tried many tricks and techniques to train your mind. Many of you have added some extra edge to your personality from it. In this post, I am telling you 3 most powerful tricks to enhance your senses. Let’s dive in now.


One – experience blindness

Yes, you read it right. The first trick is about experiencing blindness yourself. It is a very simple, complex but very powerful trick. Sit on your work table at the office or home. Blindfold yourself. Sitting on your table try to manage your work, imagining as if you are blind. Access your laptop, pick pen from penholder, write something in your notepad, and so on. Try to roam around in the room if possible. You can have some colleagues with you for a few days. Be careful not to have sharp or dangerous objects around you to avoid accidents.

Two – watch and figure out

This trick is for enhancing your visual senses. Close both your ears. You can use earplugs or simple cotton to close ears. Now watch a movie or serial. You are unable to hear anything. Try to figure out the words uttered by the actors in the movie. Watch their lips closely. A little stress will develop your ability to figure out the exact word by merely watching lip moment. You can try it on small videos and repeat the task. This will sharpen your senses and you will get empowered with one marvelous ability.


Three – enhance touch sense tricks

This trick is connected with your touch. In this trick, you need the help of your family members and later friends and colleagues. Close your eyes. You can blindfold if you wish to. Ask your spouse to touch you in different moods. By sensing only the touch you try to figure out what is inside his/her mind. This is a little difficult skill but can be acquired by practice. Then you can try this with your friends and colleagues. At the end of this trick, you will find the key to a very successful and lovely relationship.

All these three tricks need hard work, patience, and confidence. Be sure that this is not an overnight game. You will need to invest a big amount of time for these skills to be acquired. These skills are so mesmerizing that if you master them, you will surely go beyond all kinds of success in life.

I request you to please try these tricks and share your experiences.

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