Success : 10 Enemies


Success! the word which attributes your genius. This is the one everybody wants to achieve. There are a number of formulas for success, that vary from person to person. This is a phenomenon, that one can blend with its own flavor. The design of the path to success relies on one’s experience, knowledge, and adopted techniques. Here in this post, I am discussing 10 enemies to success. These are more or less mental blocks.

Out of focus

The first and foremost ingredient of success is the focus. In many cases, it is seen that a very clear action plan is charted in the beginning. Every minute detail is considered. But with the time, the focus gets shifted. Someone starts with product A. After a few months, he feels that product B is more profitable so he runs after product B., In this case, he neither gets success with product A nor with product B.

Lack of resources

No businessman, who we see as successful today, was full of resources at the beginning. If you are provided with everything in place then life will become boar. Achieving is acquiring something which you do not have; that is the most important part of success. Do not worry if you lack resources, start with whatever you have in your hands. Believe me, all other things will follow.


Fear of failure

Failure is penetrated like a phobia, deep inside some people’s heart. This phobia engulfs them before they take their first step. If I pour some money and resources in this venture and if I fail then I will be nowhere; that is their prime concern. Again what others will say? I will lose my reputation; my friends, relatives, girlfriend will treat me as a looser. This is not a reason to worry dear. Get started immediately.

Lack of confidence

If you don’t have money, there is no problem. You do not have any skills, no problem. Even if you do not have a team, it can be created. But if you do not have confidence, it is difficult for you to climb the mountain of success. Confidence is the foundation of the mountain of success. Name any billionaire, you will find more than 99 % of them had installed their business because of self-confidence.

Inferiority complex

Can I do this? No, it is not possible for me. I have failed in my last 27 attempts, so how can I get success this time? I am born to lose and that’s my destiny… If thoughts like these are roaming around your mind just kill them immediately. Have faith that you are a clever child of nature. Nobody in this world has succeeded without failures. Keep in mind that if you think you are inferior, you, yourself are loaded with the ability to overcome it.

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Situations around

Many people come from rural backgrounds. Some are from poor families. Others have complex family issues. See all these conditions are for testing your guts. No condition can break you down to lose the battle of life. Actually, such hard conditions make its victim stronger. You can find a number of examples of such people reaching the top. This is also not a valid reason for not attaining success.

The company you keep

‘The man is known by the company he keeps.’, this is a proverb that I have read in my school years. It is very true. The company shapes your thoughts and actions. If you are in the company of thieves, you will probably think of theft. If you keep the company of artists, you will probably become an artist. So choose your company wisely. Avoid wrong friends and it will make the road to success easy.

No revise

Success has a long way to go from your starting point. It is not an instant coffee. You need to rephrase, revise, and redesign your action plan with time. If you fail in this, it is more likely that you get lost. Consider the changing times, your pace of growth, and do changes accordingly. That is what we call revise. This will work as the timely maintenance of a car used for racing.


Only ideas, no execution

There are dreamers. One should see dreams and try hard to convert these dreams to reality. Unfortunately, there are some people who dream but take no action. They like to be in dreams more than reality. If you only sit watching dreams that you are a millionaire, you are never going to get success. Ideas, to covert into reality need strong, willful, and confident actions. Otherwise, it is foeticide.

The universe is with you

Many times you feel that there is nobody with me in my venture. My friends, family, relatives all have abandoned me. This might be an emotional feeling or a reality. In any case, try to understand that nobody in the universe is alone. At least he has his thoughts, willpower, and intellectual mind with him. It is observed that whenever you wish something and act on it, the whole universe strives to fulfill that wish.

Man is a very wise animal, but many times he gets trapped in his own traps. These traps are nothing but ideas and imaginations coming out of his mind, behavioral discrepancies, and willful omissions. Everybody has the ability to overcome these with simple remedies. I have discussed some of these in this post. I hope you will keep away enemies of success and get closer to its friends.

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