Leadership : 5 Point Agenda


Leadership is not merely a quality or degree. It is the mindset and deeply embedded principle of life. I do not find a single person who does not want to be a leader. There are thousands of coaches and institutes of leadership. Millions of people enroll themselves in their courses every year. As far as my experience is concerned, I strongly believe that leadership comes from within. No doubt, these courses are helpful but those are not enough. You need to take the hold of yourself and mold your persona into a leader. Here are 5 point agenda for leadership.

Everybody is a leader

First and foremost you should accept the reality that everyone on this earth is born to be a leader. Actually, every human present on this planet is a leader. No doubt the field, vicinity, or influence area can be small or large. Someone is a leader in his home, someone in his class, or someone in his friend circle. This skill can be enhanced in the sense of vicinity and granger. Because of many obstacles, it takes much time to identify your self as a leader. If you do not feel that you are a leader, then how others can. So let’s start if from the self.


Build relations

Leadership does not beg for blind followers. It looks for admirers. If you think that there must be a 1000 people to obey your orders, then your thinking is wrong. You can hire people to follow your orders at the office or at home. They will work for money. Admirers are those who without the intent of any monetary benefit like your personality, thought, or work. These people will make you a leader. So you should focus on creating relations. Relations those with no vested interest and that will last longer.

Help others

The world is full of problems, so every person is. A leader tries to resolve the problems of the people. In today’s introvert world if you listen to their problems humbly, then also they will get connected with you. We are not talking about global problems. The people have many tiny problems, which can be resolved with simple efforts. If you focus on such problems and start resolving them, you will enter into the heart of people. A leader is one who does not stop at the mind of people but one who enters straight in their hearts.


Develop analytical skills

Analyzing a problem properly is the most important task. Leadership requires an analytical mind. It can be developed with some extra efforts. There are a number of books available about this issue. You can pick up the best of these. Even reading a couple of pages daily will help you in developing an analytical mind. You can start with your home. Take any problem and try how can it be resolved? what are the options for resolving? which one of these options is the best solution for this problem? It will surely help you train your mind.

Right move at the right time

Analyzing the problem, looking for the solution, and then implementing the best solution is the standard problem-solving technique. The most important factor is timing. If you want to resolve the problem with a long term effect you need to apply the solution at the right time. So choosing your right move and applying it at the right time is another important task. As you march ahead, with your analytical mind, you can also figure out the right time. This will positively affect the solution as well as your image.

As said in the very first paragraph, leadership is a deeply embedded principle. To acquire it, one needs to try hard. It is not a T-shirt to purchase from the market and wear. It needs dedicated efforts, consistent evaluation, and appropriate changes accordingly.

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