7 Myths About Sex


Sex… the whole universe of the web is majorly dominated by sex and porn-related material. The proportion is around 70 percent. Unfortunately, there is a lack of genuine knowledge about sex. This picture is not beneficial for humanity. In spite of such a grand proportion of material, many myths connected to sex still remain intact. In a country like India, where the percentage of learned people is less, it creates chaos. Let’s talk regarding 7 myths about sex.

Size and pleasure

The size of the human penis and sexual pleasure are always tried to connect with each other. This is a deep-rooted assumption in the minds of people. It is evident through extensive scientific research that these two factors have no connection with each other. This topic related to size has been discussed in the post titled ‘Does size matter? : 5 Myths’. To cut down it short, only the upper 2-3 inch areas of the penis and vagina are sensitive that creates all the pleasure.

Color dominates pleasure

This is another myth connected with sex. In some cultures, it is assumed that darker the color of the body higher the pleasure. In other cultures, it is exactly the opposite of this. This denies the connection between color and pleasure. In most of the cultures, fair ladies are preferred for relation. In some cultures, black color is considered as a curse. Hence darker men and women are regarded as unfortunate for others. This is a false impression.


Ethnicity and desire

The whole world is divided into various races and ethnicities. Ethnicity is nothing but an attribute of the region, nation, and culture. It can decide your skin color, facial structure, and some other factors like language. It is hard to understand how one can connect this to your desire for sex. Sexual desire is a very personal thing that varies from person to person. It has nothing to do with ethnicity. So this connection is not valid at all.

Physique and lovemaking

Having a good physique is your asset to life. But can a six-pack or eight-pack build make the person more efficient in lovemaking? The answer is negative. Because a bodybuilder can perform very good in bodybuilding championship or wrestling. It is not necessary that he will perform best on bed compared to a person having a normal body. The use of excess or improper supplements to add on extra pounds can rather weaken your sexual performance.

Stamina and pleasure

Stamina is the capacity of any person to perform some tasks efficiently. As far as sex is concerned stamina is measured with the time. One who lasts longer is said to be having great stamina. The stamina has also not important for sex. See, the actual intercourse does not last more than 3 minutes. So anyone claiming to have stamina more than that is lying. On the other hand, the foreplay part can be extended up to an hour. This will make the game enchanting.


Viagra and stamina

Many people wish to perform in their real-life like a porn star. They assume that lasting longer will underline their masculinity. To achieve this goal many of the youths use viagra. Viagra increases stamina, is another myth. Viagra actually makes your senses dumb for the time being. As a result of this, your sensory nerves connected to the penis do not get the sensation. Therefore, excessive use of viagra can ruin your sex life.

Uniform orgasm

Is uniform orgasm possible? many of us will answer in negative for this question. First, let’s understand this term. In sexual intercourse, a male and female are involved. When they both reach the peak point at the same moment, it is known as a uniform orgasm. It is not a myth at all and this can be achieved in reality. For this deep bonding, faith, and confidence of both the partners in each other is a precondition. Believe me, it is nothing less than heaven.

It is essential to eradicate such myths, misconceptions, and misbeliefs. The intention of this post is exactly to contribute for this purpose. We should march ahead toward a learned, healthy, and happy society.

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