7 Aura Bodies Exist?

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The human body and human life are full of miracles. Actually these are not magic, but these are scientific phenomena, which we are less aware of. Many people ask me this question, whether 7 bodies really exist? The answer to this question is a big Yes. 7 bodies are nothing but a part of Aura. Let us elaborate the whole thing step by step.

What is Aura

Aura is nothing but the living energy of a human. Due to closely woven electromagnetic particles, and their varied density, different color layers are seen encircling the human body. These layers (colors) are not visible normally. They are detected by specially designed electromagnetic machines. The Aura contains 7 bodies that are as follows.

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Physical Auric body

This layer is closest to the body. It primarily indicates the health of the body. If the health is good, then a uniform layer of bright light is seen surrounding the whole body. A kind of bulge is seen in the body part which is affected by some disease. In the case of chronic illness, this bulge is seen extended to the vital Auric body.

Etheric Auric Body

This Etheric layer has two sub-layers. The first layer is the replication of the Physical aura. This is a kind of storage house of whatever you feel, think, say, and do. The second layer is seen as a mass filled with illuminating color. This Etheric Aura indicates the happenings at the root level of a person’s existence.

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Vital Auric Body

This layer is displayed with bunches of colors having different frequencies. It has an extension to 25 centimeters from the Etheric layer. This is a human’s real-life force. Only this Aura has a two-way energy flow. It has the ability to disperse energy as well as absorb energy from surrounding.

Astral Auric Body

This is the first layer of the Auric system. Here good and bad life experiences have an effect to leave. Commonly it is known as Auric Egg because it forms an oval shape around the body. It has an extension measuring from 10 to 50 centimeters from the vital layer. It is more or less a psychological perception of the human.

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Lower Mental Auric Body

The conscious and intellectual level capacities of a person are displayed by this Auric body. Its extension measures from 5 to 20 centimeters of the Astra Aura. It shows various shades of yellow color. This layer is useful for choosing a career option. Interestingly, if someone is fooling himself/herself, this Aura is able to catch it.

Higher Mental Auric Body

The intense energy of high frequency is exhibited by this layer. It has an extension to 50 centimeters from the Lower Mental Aura. It works to help the Lower Mental Aura to recognize formless or abstract information interpreting it by the means of thoughts, color, sound, fragrance, symbols, etc. This is seen mostly in Artists, Singers, and Writers, etc.

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Spiritual Auric Body

This is commonly known as a connecting point to god or universal consciousness. Its job is to absorb energy from the universe and send it to the crown chakra in the body. The crown chakra then passes this energy to other chakras situated in the body. These chakras disperse this energy to every corner of the body which is used for life.

Seven bodies exist. This is a spiritual phenomenon that is described in many scriptures. Some people and organizations around the globe are studying this phenomenon. They are using scientific methods and many fine results are coming out. Aura is nothing but the imprint of our thoughts, behavior, and deeds. Hence, analysis of Aura is very useful for the life, profession, and career of humans.

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