Sex Every Day : 10 Dimensions

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Sex is a much-discussed word all over the world. It is a phenomenon of interest for all age groups. The hook gets initiated somewhere in the teenage and it lasts almost till the old age. There are many questions surrounding it. In this post we will discuss thoroughly the question, Is it Good to have Sex Every Day?

Sex is a basic instinct

Sex every day is not at all bad. It is the Basic Instinct of all the living creatures on this planet. Sexual organs are made for enjoying the lust by conjugation of male and female entities of all creatures. Sex has importance just like any other natural urges like to eat, to drink, to sleep, and so on. There were times when emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects related to sex gave it a holy edge. In those times having sex every day was considered a holy gesture.

In ancient times sex was identified as one of the basics of human existence and there were ways developed to fulfill this desire with all the legitimate things. But with time this Outlook towards changed and even if you have sex every day turned into just a ritual. Unfortunately, these aspects have been detached. The sole aim of it was degraded from salvation to mere lust.

Realization in teenage

One gets to realize his or her reproductive organs in the teenage. We all know that the teenage starts at 13 and ends at 19. Around the age of 11+ females and males, both get their identity as an individual. They start detaching themselves from their parents and start looking at themselves as unique humans. That’s why in this age there are clashes between parents and children.

This is the vibrant age in which the process of puberty initiates. These cute babies start turning into a whole man or woman. Sexual organs start to grow, so their desires. The first-ever encounter with the urge of sex takes place at this age. Then having sex every day grows as an urge. However, if one cannot control or direct this energy in the right direction it can really turn into a great disaster.

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The greatest expression of affection

Sex has many definitions and dimensions. Many thinkers, psychologists, and specialists from around the globe have talked about this in many different dimensions. It is known to the least people that this is the greatest expression of affection. A physical union is a form of a complete merging of two bodies, minds, and souls in each other. Sex every day should not merely be a physical union

Marriage has given such great importance in many cultures. The holistic approach to this union is the reason behind this. With time sex was cut down only to relate with the body. That is the most important and worst thing in our times. The outlook of seeing the body as a unique piece containing physique, emotions, and spirit has been lost.

The body is a means to fulfill desires

We all have got these beautiful bodies for experiencing the whole world with our five senses. Our desires emerge out of the brain and disperse in emotions but the body is the one and only medium for fulfilling these desires. The body is not merely a tool to be alive, but it is a great machine, to make most out of this life. With changing times the desires also cut down o minimal level.

These days, we want fast food like pizzas and burgers. Our need for sex in life is not more than these fast foods now. From ancient times conjugation was looked at as a tool for incubating the next generations. It was seen as an important part of the culture for conjugation in legitimate marriages. Beyond the body, personality, and bonding had played an important role in ancient times.

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Urge versus need

There were many things developing around sex. Balance co-existence of husband and wife, balanced relations within and beyond families, more importantly healthy, pleasing and satisfying Society. With changing times, this fact, which was an urge, has become a need. We have become so selfish that we are not even thinking of others.

From ancient times, there were techniques designed to please both the partners engaging in sex. As far as sex is concerned, need is a selfish motive while urge is a motive which thinks about the fulfillment of both the partners. Every human focuses on fulfilling his or her need. Unfortunately, this coercive feeling is drastically declining in our society.

Sex is beyond body and organs

From our ancient scriptures, we can know that our forefathers have a great lookout towards sex. Every creature was denoted as a tiny form of the Almighty; a form of the ultimate energy which the whole universe is made of. In those days conjugation was not seen just as a union of two bodies. It was seen as an important means for final salvation.

Of course, this was the reason which gave birth to many thought schools of spirituality Like the Tantra. In the Tantra, conjugation or physical union is not seen just as an act. It is seen as a tool to attain self-realization through some of the wildest spiritual techniques. Our forefathers have always seen conjugation beyond the body. This Outlook is totally missing in this era of the Information Age.

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The union is the prime motive

Before we can consider the question, Is it Good to have Sex Every Day? We must know that the union is the prime motive of sex. No doubt, when a male and a female body come together and blend into each other with all their physics and chemistry it creates the sense of fulfillment, sound of tranquility, and the sound of peace.

One of our ancient scriptures named as ‘Kama Sutra’ has deliberately discovered and described the human body and its importance in the phenomenon of sex. It has described 64 positions for the enjoyment of this union. Which can be utilized for enjoying sex every day. Here though the union is the prime motive, the final goal is far beyond that. One must know that creator of ‘Kama Sutra’ is a sage named ‘Vatsyana’.

Interest declines with age

Age is one of the most important factors when we talk about sex. We all know that with age our body starts decaying. On the other hand, our desires start decreasing not because we have given up them but because of increasing responsibilities. So it is very natural that the interest in all things declines with age. Nevertheless, many old chaps do sex every day.

Interestingly, in some men and women, it is observed that the age factor never becomes an obstacle for their desires and sexual urge. It is the outlook that makes all your desires keep young enough. You will see the writers, scientists, thinkers do not see a decline in their creative ability with age. If you look at sex as creation, then it will keep younger forever. It is very sure that having sex every day can keep you young and fit.

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What should be the frequency?

Before talking about what should be the frequency to have sex or having sex every day, let me ask you some practical questions. Do you get some time to actually dedicate to it? Because we all are so busy in our offices, businesses, and meetings, and shopping, movies that we get a little amount of time for this purpose. Then we have children or parents at home, these are issues to be considered. These situations make it difficult to have sex every day.

This question is irrelevant for youth because we know that every new generation creates their own ways to find the path for fulfilling their desires. Finally, the answer to this question depends upon the availability of time and privacy. Far more important is the Interest of your partner. This is not merely an act it needs soul participation of your partner.

Fulfillment is the full stop

It is conjugation, it is union. We must underline what we have talked many times in this post, both the partners must have a similar kind of feeling, desire, and energy if you want fulfillment. Fulfillment is the ultimate goal to attain when you are engaged in It. This can neither be attained half-heartedly nor by avoiding or underestimating your partner.

Fulfillment is the full stop; this is the answer to this question. Actually, the frequency of sex can vary from person to person. Somebody can have sex every day. Someone can be happy doing it once a week. Someone can even fulfill his desire by engaging in it just once a month. We are clever enough to keep in mind that greed has no end at all.

In this post, I have tried to elaborate on the concept of sex thoroughly in simple language. I have answered the question, Is it Good to have Sex Every Day? I hope that this post has given you a good insight regarding sex, its different dimensions, and its frequency. Let me know your comments, suggestions, and reactions to it.

In ancient scriptures, Dharma (religion), Artha (economy), Kama (sex), and Moksha (final salvation) are considered as the essence of human life. All these are connected to one’s daily business. Hence having sex every day was gratitude towards human existence and pleasure. So let us enjoy… and have a very caring, loving, and passionate sex every day with our partner…

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