Are You Truly Living Life 100%?

face your life 2
face your life 2

Yes, this is the question everyone there should ask themselves. Your age, sex, location, ethnicity, or position doesn’t make an exception to this. Yes, do you feel that this is the question of most and foremost importance? I know most of you will reply in a Yes. But I will humbly request those to think one more time and rectify their answer. Because living life and just being standing action less in front of it has a major difference. Sorry dear, but life is a much more superior experience than what you think about.

Yes dear this all is not life

face your life
face your life

If you are thinking that going to school or college, or office or doing any business or job is life, then dear sorry, this all is not the one. Life is much wider at its depth and width. Let me be clear that, I am not somebody who had known every secret, or someone having supernatural powers. I am just a normal human being like you all. But over the years I have tried to define and refine life. With these experiences, I will try to simplify how living is beyond your body and mind, with very easy techniques.

Look into life, look into yourself

Almost 99 percent of humans on this planet are stuck in a vicious circle. They wake up at some time in the day, have a shower, then breakfast, and go to work. After working for the day or night, they come back home, have a shower, have dinner, and watch television-video games-online programs, browse through social media, and off to sleep. The scene is almost the same for everyone with slight modifications. Here you play every role other than ‘YOU’. This ‘YOU’ is boundless and beyond all these worldly things. Look into this ‘YOU’, the self. This is your first glimpse of real life.

This is not it my dear…

little monk
little monk

Let’s be clear about the concept. Living and just being alive are two things having a major difference. Most of us are just alive and not living. See, we are living creatures. We need some energy daily to live for which we engage in job, business, or create some other source of income. Then we work hard to get money to fulfill own and family needs. We name this hard work as life, which is not true. At one extreme point there is a lavish living and at the other living like a monk. I believe that there is surely a midpoint.

Explore and install life tools and gadgets

No doubt that you all are net crawlers, so you are here. Your search is for new tools and gadgets to simplify your browsing experience, to manage emails, get desired search results, and to get valuable products to simplify your life… I mean your presence on the internet. Have you searched for tools and gadgets to make your life experience enriching, lovable, and really worth? Try to find out… I am sure many of you will answer in negative to this question. All these tools and gadgets are installed inside you right from your birth. What you need is just to explore them.

where are these tools and gadgets?

Now all of you will be seeking an answer to this question. Yes, there are tools and gadgets in your body. Those are your eyes, ears, nose, and breath, and so on. But the problem is, many of us did not know how to use them. Over the years I have gathered a lot of experiences through my experiments searching the self. The outcome of these experiments is a handful of proven techniques, exercises (for the brain and mind), and I am here to share all those with you.


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