7 Things of Girl’s that Boys Like Most


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Hey, It is not only boys my dear… girl’s also like to know what boys like most of them. The whole cosmetic industry is based on this ultimate truth. Girls always choose such styles, fashions, and cosmetics that will make themselves presentable and attractive. Here are seven things of girls that boys like most.

Smooth, silky hairs

Smooth, silky hairs are a symbol of a healthy body. In women, a number of hairstyles have been developed over the years. Most of the boys like long hair. The liking varies with the length and color of hairs. As far as India is concerned mostly boys cut in girls is not much liked.

Loving eyes

The most mesmerizing part of women’s bodies is her eyes. The color varies from blue to brown and dark black, so the likings. But boys mostly like talking eyes. Eyes those talk or communicate something. Of course, first, hook up takes with eye contact, so it is an inevitable part in love.

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Attractive face

Facing varies with ethnicity, race, and country of residence. Those faces are liked most, which have some similarities with their favorite actresses. They look for at least 1% similarity of their favorite lady and every face of the world definitely has that much.

Neatly shaped nose and cheeks

Nose and cheeks have their own shapes. Every girl has the nose and cheeks shape, which adds more beauty to their faces. Straight nose line, well-shaped nostrils attracts. Boys did not like a flat nose. A good face turns bad with a flat nose, which is disliked most.

Curvy lips

Believe it or not, lips are the most sensuous part of a woman’s body. Curvy, smoothly textured, and thin lips get more attraction. The color shade of lips varies from pink to dark brown. Most of the boys like light brownish lips. Bad breathe also an important reason for dislike.

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Pleasing smile

The almighty or the creator has said to have given little more time than men to create woman. Smile is one of god’s gifts to the woman. Every woman has a peculiar style of a smile and every smile is beautiful. As far as boys concerned, they like the face first and then the smile.

Hooking styles

Every girl has her own unique style. Style of walking, talking, smiling, putting hairs behind her ears, and so on. This is the killer stuff that boys not only like but hook up with. The face is like the runway of attraction while these styles work as flight.

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