Sex – 5 Things Creating Fear Around It

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Sex is the most beautiful expression of affection. But we consider it something ugly, not made for good men and women. In India, we not only avoid talking about it in public but also in between husband and wife. Here are 5 reasons that create fear around it.

Fear of Religion

The first and foremost reason is religion. It is noteworthy that in Hindu Religion Dharma (Religion), Artha (Money), Kama (Sex), and Moksha (Salvation) are denoted as prime duties of every human being. Still, it is treated as a kind of curse.

Good deeds and bad deeds

In the bible, the famous story of Adam and Eve indicates that the whole world is the result of the ultimate sin of Adam and Eve. Everyone is concerned about good deeds (Punya) and bad deeds (Pap). Sex is not an act listed in the list of good deeds.


Social stigma

Although almost every adult (with due respect to those who have left family life and became monks) has tasted the pleasure of it. But not a single person will talk about it. It is the fear of social stigma which does not allow him to talk publicly.

Fear of the wrong identity

If you initiate a talk about sex, in your office, college, or some another place like it, you will be stamped as some wicked guy or someone who is sexaholic. Every person in your office or college will develop a suspicious eye for you, hence this subject is dormant.

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Lack of sex education

There is huge porn content available on the net. It is very easily accessible to everybody regardless of his age, education, nationality worldwide. But one will not find any single agency providing scientific sex education with a holistic approach. That is the greatest challenge nowadays.

In a world having a giant number of young boys and girls, a lack of proper sex education means creating a dumb generation. If we can educate ourselves and our families on our own, it will be a great help for future generations and for the whole of mankind.

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