7 Things Girls Hate

love and hate 1
love and hate 1

Hey there, are you in love? Or planning to date some girl? Or already catch up with somebody? This is the secret everyone out there wants to know. In this article, I have tried to unveil a few secrets to get a place in the heart of a lady. All these are proven and simple formulas but there are many factors that affect your relations. It is very hard to get into some lady’s mind and heart. But these seven ways listed here will definitely give you an edge over others.

1. Liar is looser

Any girl or ladies hate liars. Liars for sure lose in this game of love. See how it goes… on someday both of deciding to meet and you the boys reach late. To avoid further consequences, you tell some reason, which is much of the times not real. At some point in time, your girlfriend knows about it and you are labeled as a liar. Any such single instance can trigger hate about you.

2. Those who stink…

Many boys stink badly. This may be because they do heavy exercises, or sweat heavily or might have some skin or oral problems. Whatever may be the problem, girls hate stinking. So make sure to keep your body fresh and pleasant while going to meet or date a girl. You can use good body sprays and mouth fresheners; this can ruin the relation in a very bad manner.

love and hate 2
love and hate 2

3. No sense of dressing

Beauty and aesthetics are the most lovable things for girls. They hate boys not having a sense of aesthetics, color, and fashion. If you did not dress well, choosing a good color combination then your girlfriend will start hating you. If you wore a color, which your girlfriend hates, even by mistake, then you are for sure going to be fired. Keep in mind her liking, color, and fashions.

4. No vulgar jokes and comments

Girls and ladies appreciate a good sense of humor, that can be a skill to impress them but they hate vulgar jokes and vulgar comments. If you comment on some girl’s fatty or thin body, or your comment on some girl’s physical disorder, your girlfriend will surely be hurt. Most importantly vulgar jokes and comments on women’s sexual organs get a very strong negative reaction.

5. Annoyers keep away

Annoyers are a headache for everybody and girl can’t be an exception to that. Once in love, boys are eager enough to get closer to girls. Hence they request repeatedly for going on lunch, or a movie or some tour and so on. But girls mostly do not go get easily. These repeated requests from boys get annoying for girls. This kind of annoyance can end in a very bad scenario.

love and hate 3
love and hate

6. Cheaters are the worst

Loyalty is the key to success, may it be business, life, or love. What girls hate most is their boyfriends cheating and flirting with other girls. This is one thing that hurts the most. They feel broken and devastated. They can never forgive such a person and give up all sympathy for such a boyfriend. This is the highest reason for instant breakups, so boys… let’s be careful!

7. No gifts on special days

Gifts and presents give a pleasing, pampering feel to girls. Off course, they love such things. Even at times, they like funny surprising gifts also. But on the other hand, not giving any gifts can bring about a negative feeling in the mind of girl friend. Most importantly, if you forget birthday of your girlfriend and did not give any gift to her on such a special day, then you will not be spared at all.

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