Dating : 7 Interesting Ideas



Dating begins when Lovers, get involved in each other and start plans for outings. Dating plans are charted down as per the liking of both of them. Some people get tips from friends and some also take help from social media and the internet. There are thousands of places listed on various sites, apps, and portals. They also offer great discounts on current and future deals. Choosing an option from those is an easy task. Here are 7 interesting ideas for dating that you will surely love.


The industry of Agro-tourism is growing rapidly. It is basically a place where tourism activities are available in the midst of agriculture. For those who are not from an agriculture background, can get mesmerizing experiences of dating at such places. The activities involved are bullock cart ride, tractor ride, horse riding, and so on. Fresh and hot food with the flavor of rural spices is the greatest attraction of Agro-tourism. Comparatively the rates are also affordable.

Farming activities

This option of dating can be opted for if you are planning for a day tour or one-night stay. Here you will actually involve yourself in farming activities. It can involve maintenance of soil, bowing of seeds, cutting the crop in harvesting time, providing water to the crop, and so on. This can again be a great experience for those who are not from an agricultural background. Having lunch under the tree on the farm is a memorable experience.

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If you love mountains, you can go for a trek nearby your place. You can choose a small mountain and climb on the top. You can also choose some fort or historical monument to reach by trekking. This will work as an exercise, expedition, and tour with a loved one. You can try it in a group of friends also. That can add fun to your tour. Do not choose difficult places. If you want to choose such places, make sure you have proper guidance and equipment with you.

Water sports

Many people have a passion for water. For such people water sports is a very nice option to go on a date. You can choose from a variety of water sports available. Boating, scuba diving, fun water rides, and the list goes on. Do not try weird things at the watery places. Enjoy all sports under the guidance of trained local experts. Lastly, many people have hydrophobia; they are afraid of water. For such people, this option can create a tragedy.

Adventure sports

Adventure sports are now easily available in many places. River crossing, rock climbing, bungy jumping are various kinds of adventure sports. If you have a brave heart and confidence you can try this adventure dating. Choose from trusted service providers before you decide. Search for their results and testimonies on the net. Choosing authorized firms will make your tour smooth. Make sure that your partner is also ready for such adventures.

cycling, dating


Cycling and biking are loved by many of us. Many youngsters and adults go on expeditions cycling or biking. Depending upon the time you have in your hands, you can plan a long or short tour on cycle or bike. A long tour to lovely places like Kashmir, Ladakh, or elsewhere can be a great dating experience. But make sure you are prepared enough for such long, exhausting expeditions. It is advised to have your bicycle/bike in good condition before you start.

Blind game

You can use this option for dating if there is chaos in your mind. Many times you are unable to decide or pick one option to start with. This option is helpful in such a situation. You can use a coin or dice to finalize one from a couple of options. Another option is to pull out your car/bike and just start driving in any direction. After driving for a few minutes you can finalize a place on that route depending upon the time available to you.

After reading this, you will surely ask me a question, In all these activities where is the room for dating? Dear, dating is not only about kisses and hugs. It is the first step to start identifying each other’s interests. Just booking a hotel and spending the time on the bed will build physical rapport. But such activities will start creating emotional bonding. I hope this information might have enriched your knowledge. You are always welcome if you want to update it.

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