Nature : Real Love


Alas! Nature, the mother… It was a sunny morning. I waked up early and went to the balcony of my house yawning. I was mesmerized by the view. The sun was rising and the sky was filled with glossy orange color. The trees, birds, and humans were coming to life! The noise of birds caught my ear. Some were the noises I have never noticed. A very tiny bird flew nearby making a beautiful noise. He was like singing his song of life. Wow! plenty of thanks to nature, real love

Under this dark shadow of the corona, nature is blossoming like a fresh, teenager. Every form of it has turned more lovable than before. For generations, nature is spreading love. But we were living in our own cocoon. In this Corona pandemic, we are lucky to regain our connection with nature. Here are a few glimpses of it.

Beautiful dawn

There are many who wake up early in the morning. On the other hand, there are thousands who return from work in the early morning. But till a few months back we were caught in a rut which forced us to neglect the beauty of dawn. Now as we have ample time, many of us are experiencing the beauty of dawn. To me, there is no great inspiration that the sight of the sun rising slowly up from the horizon. The color play enriches your body and mind.

nature, birds

Lovely birds

As I have discussed in the initial paragraph of this post, we are getting knowledgeable day by day. In the sense till a few months back, we were not aware of our neighbors. No, I am not talking about human neighbors. I am pointing towards birds. Just like me, you also must have noticed noises of some unidentified birds. These birds were living right in the closet with you, but you have never taken cognizance of it.

Clean waters

We are not able to let out of our homes and roam around. But as of now the lockdown is loosened at many places. This is inspiring many people to go for a walk. Many of us are going out to bring essential things. If you take a look at the water bodies near you, you can quickly observe the difference. The water bodies which were turned into very bad streams of waste are now rejuvenating. You can simply realize how humans have made a mess of nature.


Blooming trees

Nature has many seasons. The summertime is almost over. This is a routine that all of us are observing for years. Have you noticed blooming trees with a different vision in the last few months? I am sure, you must have noticed the yellow-orange flowers blooming on the top of trees. Their colors and fragrance must have mesmerized you. I am very sure that at least for a while you must have felt the trees as friends, extending their arms inviting you to give a hug.

Toxin-free body

Coronavirus has created plenty of problems. One of my friends was having a big question of how to live without liquor. As of now, the liquor shops are on and the problem of my dear friend must have resolved. I want to ask those who were consuming liquor. Dear friends, can you realize that you have a toxic-free body for the last few months. Life without liquor is surely possible. You have so many things in nature for tranquilizing, then what is the need for liquor and all?

The coronavirus is growing, the number of patients is increasing creating more threats to life. But in the same atmosphere, mother nature is blooming like nothing. The trees, birds, water bodies and the whole nature is living life fullest. Then why we are so worried. OSHO says ‘Your death is born with you.’ Then why not live every moment consciously, carefully, and happily? I think that is what nature wants to spread… the message of real love.

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