Prosperity : 7 Secrets


Prosperity is one of the most discussed phenomena all the time. The rich ones always think and work for getting richer. The poor strive hard to get ample of money in their life. Eventually, both of them forget that money is not prosperity. Money is a tool, that can bring you luxury. You can buy an expensive bed, but not sleep. If you spend the whole night on the expensive bed with open eyes, then it is surely not prosperity. Then how one can get real prosperity? Here are 7 secrets of prosperity.

Commitment to self

This life is yours, it is the sole proprietary premise of yourself. You have to live it in your style. If you want to have prosperity, you need to have a commitment to yourself. Many businessmen, professionals, and others work for someone. Let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with being an employee. If you are working to make some other person jealous, or for conquering some company in the market then it is wrong. You and only you are your competitors. So commit to yourself and don’t fall prey to anything else.

Live your dreams

Everyone has a dream, so you. Actually, when you see a dream, many of the specifications are blur or not visible clearly. You should retouch these blur or shady areas with your intellect and imagination. once the whole picture is clear in front of you, you must try to realize it. That means you should live your dreams. Your dreams should trigger unrest in your body, mind, and life. Then only you will work hard for late nights and work for changing your dreams to supreme reality.

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Donate in cash or kind

It is very normal that you are out of money. Especially in the initial days, when you are a beginner in your career, it is often possible. Still, you must make a habit to donate. You can donate just a few rupees to anyone needy you found on the streets. If you do not have money in the pocket you can donate in kind. Keep in mind, the cash or kind you are donating must be useful for a solution to the donee. You will feel proud and the donee will bless you. This will encourage and enhance social insight into your life.

Assess your work

‘Plan your work and work your plan’,  is a very common proverb. Before you start your career, you should make a roadmap of your career. while creating such a roadmap, try to plan in as much detail you can. This roadmap will be a mirror to your progress. To know your progress you should assess your work. Compare your work done with the aims and objectives described in your roadmap. It will give you a chance to make required and useful changes if you are missing out something.

Get inspired

The world is full of inspiration. There are great leaders, thinkers, businessmen, trainers, and so on. I am sure that you must have been following some of those. Unfortunately, some people try to copy them. They copy the clothing, hairstyle, body language, etc. Some people copy their plans also. It is for sure that copying their plan will get you some money. But for prosperity, you need your own, unique plan. It is always beneficial to follow and get inspired by such people but copying them is never recommended.

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Personal assessment

You are the key elements of your work plan. for execution, you must have a team of colleagues.  As said earlier you can assess their progress periodically. It is all needed. But you must earmark some specific time out of the month for your personal assessment. The key factor for this assessment is your focus. You should take maximum care for not getting out of focus.  This is you communicating with self. The insights of this personal discussion can then be shared with colleagues for further action towards the prosperity.

Be loving and caring

Human life is full of ups and downs. When you are a leader, you should make yourself strong to face any kind of situation. You can have a celebration of success someday, and have to face a failure very next day. Besides this, you are responsible for confronting the emotions of your colleagues, employees, and vendors. You must maintain a cool temperament. You should keep a loving and caring attitude towards all individuals. You should keep in mind that you are heading this family of your business.

In your life, you don’t have many things in your control. When you dream big, you confront big complexities. You need to be on the toes, every moment. That is why a leader has to train himself in many skills. Management, Planning, Execution, Human Resource are some of the key areas which a good leader should have command over. If you are not mad for money and need to establish real prosperity, then you are supposed to take some extra efforts. That means you will have to master many things beyond these 7 discussed above.

Best of Luck!!!

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