Love in Every Cell – 7 Facts


Love is streaming in every cell of your body. Every cell of you is full of love. If you take a look at human life, you will find every system and arrangement created to showering love. This is the basic instinct of nature. Just realize, before you were born, nature is showering it on you. Nature gives you a chance to explore and re-explore it at every stage of life. But we ignore those. Here are 7 facts exploring love is in every cell.

Love and conceiving

Only one out of the millions of sperms succeeds in penetrating the egg. This is an initial, very tiny form of life called the embryo. Thereafter multiplication of cells forms the fetus. This is the physical process. The features, nature, and culture of the child are governed by many factors. It is evident from research that the mood and relations of the parents play a major role in deciding this. We know that love is the basis of affection, attraction, and conjugation.


Letting out the fetus from the mother’s womb in the outer world is a very interesting process. It is a miracle. Before conceiving with the monthly menstruation, the inner layer of the womb is cleansed and refreshed. After conceiving the door of the womb gets closed. It opens at the time of birth. The pregnant woman gets symptoms at the time of childbirth. The child is feed on the mother’s food through the umbilical cord when in the womb.

love, mother

Attachment to mother

In initial months the child is attached to the mother. There are two reasons for it. First is he is fed on mother’s milk. Second is he needs physical rapport with his mother. This rapport is the bond of love between mother and child. The child laughs, cries, and also do naughty things with the mother. This bonding keeps on until the teenager. Then the children start to get individual identity. But the bond of love with mother continues till the end of life.

Adrenaline rush

Adrenaline is one of the most important hormones of our body. This gets activated in the teenage. Besides this, the sexual organs start developing in the girls and boys. This is the age where the physical attraction towards opposite sex triggers. Adrenaline plays a major role in enhancing your sexual desires as well as choosing your partner. It is nothing other than the feeling of love that attracts you to some person.


Can you answer one question? What attracted you to your partner? I am sure many of you not sure about the answer. But the answer is a feeling of love. The emotions which triggered secretion of various hormones in your body at the moment of your first meet is the reason. You are a unique personality. The one you loved may not impress many others and vice versa. This is weird but true. Again the reason for bonding is none other than love.


Life companionship

This Affection and care create bonding between the two of you. This bonding gradually gets increasing and finally you take a learned decision to be together for life. No couple is perfect. But the feeling of love towards your partner enhances your tolerance, acceptability, and companionship. If you are not loving each other, there are a thousand reasons to get apart. The bond of love lasts long in any kind of relationship.

Biological changes

This human body is a miracle of biochemical reactions. These reactions take place every minute in our bodies. These reactions are connected to our emotions. When you are angry, some specific hormones are released. If you are happy the reaction is different. Our moods are governed by these hormones which create the feeling of attraction, desire to sex, and so on. Emotions are the key factor for these changes and love is the topmost of all.

We all are humans but we might not have seen at ourselves with this angle. If you adopt this outlook you can see the love in every cell of your body. Sometimes I wonder that even after nature showering love on us continuously, why some of us are spreading hatred? Love is life and vice versa, that is the message of all religious texts, the intellectual world, and nature. Are we lacking to read and implement this message in our lives? that is the question.

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