Love in Islam

Love in Islam

Recently, we observed the festival of Eid. Eid is the most auspicious celebration of love in Islam. Hinduism also praises the moon so the Buddhists. Moon is a symbol of love, that might be the reason for which all religions have a prominent place for the moon in them. All the religions spread the message of love. Islam is no deviation to it. It not only imbibe love but also strongly advocates it.

There are many religions on this earth. Religions are primarily created with the goal to educate humans about their lives. Various aspects of life were described by religion. Guidelines and methods to achieve divine goals related to these various aspects were shown by religion. Let us take a look at what is the concept of love in Islam and its various aspects.

Prophet Muhammad 

Prophet Muhammad says that faith is a very important prerequisite for entering into paradise. Faith can never be completed unless and until you have a love for each other. Any person who loves God, God loves him.

Message of Allah

There are many worlds in this universe. Allah is the ‘Lord’ of all these worlds. Nothing is like him, he is the unique, ultimate. Belief and love for Allah is the most sacred duty of every creature. He is the most powerful and has the highest degree of forgiveness.

What is love

According to God love is sacrifice, unselfishness, giving more and more without expectations. Faith, truth, and trust are key ingredients of love. It is never deceiving Love is the divine gift of Allah. Acquiring and preserving it is the duty of each one of us.


love in islam

Love in the Quran

A pure, healthy, trusted relationship is called true love. Quran describes the person in love as ‘Deewana’, i.e. mad. It is beyond all worldly attires. It is blind and not able to see anything beyond love. This was scribbled in the Quran centuries before. Love in Islam has an ancient history.

Haram relationship

Haram means bad or forbidden. Any relationship based on a thought, act, and omission of a prohibited or forbidden thing is called a Haram relationship in Islam. Anything leading to such a relationship is also known as the Haram relationship.

Love in Islam

Love in Islam has a broader definition and meaning. It does not prohibit love between men and women provided that it seeks divinity and purity in all relations.


love in islam

Love for mankind

Allah created this earth and heavens and all the creatures out of love for the whole of mankind. Love in Islam is seen in that manner by scholars. Prophet Muhammad said, if you love Allah, come with me. I will take you on the path. Then Allah will love you and forgive your sins. He is the most merciful.

Islam and marriage

Islam urges its followers to adopt mutual love, faith, trust, affection, and intimacy. It urges people to be in this mode all the time. Love, in Islam, is acceptable within the legal framework of marriage.

Humans and love

Humans are filled with love. Humans as social animals need love. The feeling of love makes them feel happy. Islam urges for love towards animals, birds, trees, and all creatures. It believes that love for Allah is the supreme goal of human existence.


love for mankine

Achieving love

The Quran mentions ‘love’ in many verses. In Islam, love is in the first place for Allah, love-filled heart, and conscience that one should feel the cosmic presence of Allah. Islam says those who believe in god are loving Allah. That is the ultimate goal of life and love in Islam.

Love for Allah

Quran further says ultimate love for Allah is expressed by a very intense desire to follow Allah and his teachings. There is nothing pleasant, loving, and divine other than love for Allah and love for all his prophets. Allah will forgive all your sins. Islam spreads and advocates the message of brotherhood, love, and faith. Brotherhood is very important for established healthy relations in society. Brotherhood is spread through love in Islam

Love beyond words

Although the concept of love is described with words in Islam, it is more or less a practical thing. The concept of love is defined in a very analytical, pragmatic, and divine way in Islam.

power of love

Power of love

Love has the power to transform the most commonplace into a beautiful, peaceful, and lovely place. Love is not selfish hence it can create a whole new world. Therefore Islam strongly advocates love.

Prohibited acts

In our times’ love is seen in a crooked way. All kinds of heinous and unhealthy acts are done in the name of love. Islam prohibits all such acts. People engaging in such acts cannot devote themselves to the Almighty. Islam has broader prohibited many acts. It prohibits extravagancy, selfish motive, Pollution, violation of rights, and anti-human deeds.

Divine love

This world and all things thereupon are quasi according to Islam. The final and ultimate goal of human life is to love Allah. Therefore we should dedicate our time to enter into the next world with divine love to Allah. That is the true meaning of love in Islam.

Purify our hearts

Let the Almighty purify our hearts, enhance our faith and sacred our minds with thoughts of divinity. May his love displace all the fear and bad emotions in our minds and make the world a very beautiful place.


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