Remove Negativity in 10 Minutes


Hey there, how is going? I am back with very interesting and mesmerizing techniques to wash out your negativity in just ten minutes. This is a proven psychological technique which has got an overwhelming response from many of my colleagues, students, and friends. I have tried to keep them very simple and easy so that anyone can make use of them with simple household items. I wish you to read this post carefully and do this experiment at least once in life.

Negativity ruins the game

It is the story of my friend. He was very handsome and caring. He was highly qualified and well mannered. The only drawback he had was negative thoughts. Because of those negative thoughts, he was hardly able to settle in any job. Every few months he used to switch jobs. After losing a job, his negativity surged to the peak. Many of us might have trapped in negativity at least a couple of times and for various reasons.

Three simple techniques

Here are the three simple techniques elaborated in the following paragraphs to get this negativity washed out in just 10 minutes. These 10 minutes are divided into eight steps. These techniques are not less than any miracle and all these three techniques need only 10 minutes together. What you need is just a few white paper sheets, few cardboard sheets, pen and colors (crayons, watercolor, color pencils, whatever you have will do.), and a piece of cloth to blindfold.

Step 1

Sit down in a quiet corner in your home. Close your eyes and breathe naturally. Let the thoughts gather and disperse on their own. Don’t interfere. Do this for 1 minute.

Step 2


Open your eyes. Take a thin white paper sheet. Remember your negativities and write them down on the paper with a pen. It may be personal weaknesses like fear of public speaking, stage fear, etc. or it can be some outward things you are afraid of like water, fire, etc. It can also be some people of whom you are afraid. Write down all those words, phrases, and names on the sheet of paper. It will take around one minute.

Step 3

Now take a moment to switch your mind and think that all these negativeness are washing out of your mind. Say for instance fear of public speaking is gone. Rub the whole phrase ‘fear of public speaking’ with pen applying pressure. Do this for every phrase written on the paper. Don’t mind even if the paper tears out into pieces. Then remembering every phrase, realize that all those negativeness has washed out of your mind and respective strengths have fully replaced them in your mind. Now tear the paper in small pieces and burn them to ashes.

Step 4

Take a couple of deep breathing and repeat Step 1.

Step 5

Take a piece of cardboard sheet or thick white paper. Write down your strengths, skills, and even good names… maybe of your beloved friends, gods, or relatives. Now keep this paper sheet on the table. Sit right in front of it and feel that you are getting energy from every word written on this piece of paper. After finishing all words, feel you are getting a big source of energy from all of them collectively. This will take 2 minutes. You can preserve this sheet of paper for this experiment next time.

Step 6

After taking a couple of deep breathing’s repeat Step 1 once again.

Step 7


Take a blank white paper sheet and keep some color crayons or color pencils ready beside the paper. Blindfold yourself. With your hand without making any judgment, take any color and draw anything on paper. Then take another color and then one another… do this for at the next 2 minutes and then open your eyes to see the magic yourself…

Step 8

Now take a couple of deep breathing and sit quietly. Feel inner silence, inner energy, and inner positive vibes. You will feel that more of your negative thoughts have vanished and you have gone through a metamorphosis. After this last one minute of silence, when you open your eyes you will find a new ‘YOU’, which you have never meet for years.

This experiment will not only wash out negativities but also take you to deeper in the self. If you practice it daily for one month, you will find new strength and positive vibrations surrounding you 24×7. You are free to increase the timings for quite sittings in this experiment as per your convenience.

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Don’t forget to share your experiences here, because those will be insights for me and my team.

My best wishes to all of you there.

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