Attraction : 7 Rare Points


Laws of attraction is a much-discussed phenomenon all the time. Actually we all live our lives to attract or influence someone. May it be your boss, your colleague, your fiancee, or anyone else. Without commenting on whether this kind of life inclined to others is good or bad. I would rather go-ahead to share these 7 weird laws of attraction. Would you like to be with me? then get ready to get a few very important insight for your life.

Life of others

Life of others has been always the source of attraction and influence for humans. It is interesting that no human is attracted by his own life. It is a strange but true fact. One gets attracted towards other’s personality, lifestyle, wealth, and so on. The reason is curiosity, one of the basic instincts of humans. Peeping in the life of others is our most loved game. This habit initiates comparison with other’s lives and eventually, some of us get trapped into depression.

Attraction to the other’s partner

The most interesting part of the attraction is, all the men and women are attracted to other’s better half. Everybody feels that he/she has got much less than he/she deserves in terms of his/her better half. You find them adorable and beautiful. This is a universal phenomenon. Dissatisfaction can be traced down to almost every corner of the world. We forget that, with the same rule, others are also attracted to your partner.


Never-ending greed

This greed has no end. It will live in your mind till your last breath, until and unless you train your mind to overcome this feeling. See, if you have a car costing worth a million dollars, someone else will have a car costing more than that. Whenever you come across that car, you will feel low. Even if you acquire the most expensive car, you will worry not to have a chopper in your backyard. Hence, one should focus on his needs and not greed.

Inferiority leads to depression

If you see a luxury car and take efforts to acquire that, that’s fine. I see no problem with such a feeling. Zeal to upgrade is human nature. The problem arises when you start engulfed with inferiority. If you feel that, not having such an expensive car is a bad thing, and living without such a car is wasting your life, then be careful. This is not a good sign. If your attraction takes the wrong turn it can lead to depression.

Notice your attractiveness

As told earlier, getting attracted to something is human nature. But if you can direct this in a positive way and train your mind, it will create a miracle. Everything in this world is attractive, so you are. Have you noticed your attractiveness? I am sure most of you might have ignored it. Because we don’t get time to look at ourselves from a busy schedule of watching, following, and admiring others. Start believing in yourself. You are alive and attractive creation of nature.


Accept your self

Acceptance is a very important point. Start accepting whatever you are. Be proud of your body, may it be fat, thin, tall, or dwarf. Admire your color may it be fair, dark, or light. Accept the life you are living. The problem is all these things are accepted by all people other than you. They know who and how you are better than you, as you know them better than them. That is the root cause of this problem. Once you accept, you start connecting to yourself.

Try to enhance honestly

Nobody is perfect in this world. No doubt you also have some shortcomings. But remember that these are not permanent. You can overcome your shortcomings and enhance your skills with dedicated efforts. So try to enhance yourself honestly. You are a unique attractive creature, who can be, rather is a source of attraction and influence to at least some people. Finally, physical attraction has a lesser value than the intellectual one.

This planet has more than 7 billion people living here. If you consider that, there can’t be a single law, with a handful of postulates for attraction. what works for me can not work for you or someone other. Once again you are a unique creature fully loaded with physical, emotional, intellectual capacity. So wipe out the slate and create new laws on your own.

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