Orgasm : Woman’s 5 Secrets


Orgasm is nothing less than mystery. If I say that woman is the most mysterious creature on this planet, many of you will not agree with me. But this is true in many senses. A woman has many mysterious things hidden within. The conceiving, growth of the fetus, and many other things like menstruation, lactating, etc. Psychologists say that a woman’s mind is the hardest thing to analyze. Similarly, there are many myths surrounded by woman orgasm. Let’s unfold some of them now.

Low percentage

Do you know that many women did not experience orgasm at all? It is a weird but true fact. Basically in conservative countries, women are treated secondary to men. Subjects like sex are abandoned for them. Talking about such subjects creates a bad image around that woman. Because of such an atmosphere in family and society, women are suppressed. Hence there is a very low percentage of women who experience the ultimate sexual pleasure.


Orgasm is the extreme point of sexual excitement, which gives enormous pleasure to the woman.

Need proper arousal

Sex is merely penetration. The whole importance of this activity is the creation of new generations…this is the outlook in most of the conservative countries. Hence, sex is not seen as an act for ultimate pleasure. In a male dominating society, the pleasure of women is not given much importance. Many women engage in sex even before arousal. Actually better foreplay is needed for arousal and ultimate sexual pleasure. Unfortunately, both these things lack severely.

A dozen orgasms?

How many orgasms a woman can have in one go? It is evident that a woman can have more than one orgasm, up to a dozen times in one go. Scientifically, men need to get erect again after one go, which takes a few minutes of foreplay. This has to be repeated before every intercourse. On the other hand, the woman’s vagina is a tiny opening. In intercourse, it can have multiple spurts of oozing ultimate sexual pleasure once it reaches the extreme point.

Orgasm and conceiving

Connecting orgasm and conceiving is wrong. Both these are different from each other in many ways. Orgasm is one of the psycho-emotional-physical action while conceiving is merely a physical and biological reaction. This ultimate sexual pleasure is related to the clitoris, the G spot, and the urethral opening. The semen penetrates an egg, in conceiving. It creates some psycho-emotional changes in women. So both these things are different from each other and do not have any co-relation.

G spot

The secret G spot

There is a magical spot inside of the woman’s vagina that is known as the G spot. It is exactly located 2-3 inches inside the vaginal opening. It can be found by tickling in that area by a finger. A bunch of sensitive nerves is knotted together to form this G spot. Touching, rubbing, and caressing this spot gives ultimate pleasure to the woman. It is indeed a treasure of pleasure for a woman. It can be used to create magic in your sexual relations.

Foreplay, orgasm, pleasure, G spot are a few concepts related to sexual relations. Sex is an art like painting. One needs to be an artist to create a beautiful picture. You must know which colors to use at what places, how to use the brush to play with the color and how to blend many colors to form an ultimate shade. Similarly, in sexual life, if you are familiar with the colors, brushes, strokes, and shades, you can surely create a glorious picture.

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