Mount Everest : Trekkers Love

Mount Everest

Mount Everest, the mountain, the highest peak, love for which is in the air. Every human has extended his/her love to Mount Everest. Yes, you are not getting me wrong. This is the highest peak, which is like the crown on the head of earth. Ask a question to yourself… Have you ever dreamed to … Read more

9 Love Symbols

love symbols

Love has many stories, myths, and symbols related to it. As a human emotion, we can see many similarities in these things. There are many symbols associated with love. These are mostly used to express love and affection. Many times it is hard to express for those who are in love. Hence, symbolism is very … Read more

Love Story : 10 Great Folks

love story

Love is life, love is god, love is the essence of human existence. We have read many sentences like these in ancient scriptures, religious books, and literature. Love is no doubt a very special feeling and a gift of nature to mankind. There are hundreds of love stories of great lovers all around the world. … Read more

5 Things Women Hate in Sex


Although we live in a male dominating society, we must appreciate that women are the real strength of our lives. She manages the household business, she feeds us, and she rejoices our lives. But she is seen as a secondary in life, which creates immense pain in my heart. As far as sex is concerned, … Read more